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Montague Paratrooper Highline ready for trail

The M-E1 is the E-Bike for RV Owners

RV owners and outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds have up until now been deterred from owning an e-bike due to space constraints and a lack of portability with the current designs. The M-E1 offers RV enthusiasts a compact folding design for easy storage that unfolds in seconds to deliver a full-sized electric bike to take them anywhere they want to go.

Montague Paratrooper Highline ready for trail

The Foldable Electric Bike for Boaters: M-E1

Up until now, e-bikes have been nearly impossible to store on a boat, but Montague Bikes is changing that with the all new M-E1. The patent-pending aluminum frame and waterproof Shimano STEPS motor deliver true trekking performance with powerful pedal assist while on land, and a compact folded size that can be easily stored on your boat.

Montague Paratrooper Highline ready for trail

The Foldable M-E1 is the Electric Bike for General Aviation

The patent-pending design allows the full-size mid-drive e-bike to stow in a plane’s cargo hold or back seat, offering reliable ground transportation and recreation. Finally, an electric bike exists for the general aviation pilot.

Montague Paratrooper Highline ready for trail

M-E1: The World’s First Full-size, Step-through, Foldable Electric Bike

The M-E1 has the potential to bring electric bikes to a whole new segment of the market — urban riders typically too space constrained for an e-bike. With the introduction of the M-E1, they now have an excellent high performance option that fits safe and dry in a closet.

Montague Paratrooper Highline ready for trail

Paratrooper Highline: A Folding Bike for Backcountry Exploration

Exploring the great outdoors by bike has never been so convenient. The Paratrooper Highline can take you into remote backcountry, roll over rugged terrain with ease, and still fold for the car trunk, closet, or train when the ride is over.

Montague Paratrooper Elite on trail path

Montague Revolutionizes the Mountain Bike with Folding Paratrooper Elite

The Paratrooper Elite uses standard components from Shimano, RockShox, and Mavic, the same you’ll find on the industry’s leading cross-country and downhill mountain bikes, but it revolutionizes the mountain bike with a patented folding design.

Montague Allston Bike Model

Allston Bike Model - The Ultimate Commuter Bike

Kiss those tiny wheels, greasy chains, and noisy derailleurs goodbye. Montague Bikes, America’s leading maker of full-size folding bikes, has broken the mold with the all new Allston. You’ve seen small wheel folding bikes – those that seem to belong in the circus.

 Montague Rackstand Eurobike Award

Montague's Eurobike Award Winning RackStand Available Through QBP

RackStand™ is a new concept in bike racks. It is a luggage carrier, mudguard, kickstand, and work stand all in one. A patent pending design allows the flip of a lever to rotate RackStand under the rear wheel. When in the lowered position RackStand acts as a kickstand to hold the bike or a work stand to make easy drivetrain adjustments.

Montague Paratrooper Military Folding Bike

Montague Revamps Popular Military Grade Paratrooper Folding Bike

The new folding system and versatile RackStand coupled with the Paratrooper’s legendary rugged performance makes it even more suited to military personnel looking to explore the great outdoors.

Montague Crosstown Folding Bike

Montague Launches New Comfort Folding Bike for Moms on the Go

The all-new Crosstown is an economical multi-purpose bicycle designed to deliver a comfortable and ergonomic riding experience to moms with families on the go.  Just fold and stow.

Montague Urban Folding Bike Commuting

Montague Launches Innovative New Folding Bike for Commuters

The Urban is a true urban assault vehicle that is tough enough to take on city streets and still deliver a rich riding experience. The added benefit of being able to fold quickly for transportation and storage sets it apart from the competition.

Montague Boston Folding Bike in Office

Montague Launches Edgy New Folding Bike for Style Conscious Men

Single speed and fixed gear bikes deliver a quick and responsive ride with a sleek look. Ideal for tackling city streets and making fast getaways, the Montague Boston has the added benefit of being able to fold into a slim profile for the train, car trunk, or city apartment.

Montague Allston folded at Marina

Montague Launches High End Folding Bike for Luxury Lifestyle

The new Montague Allston model provides full-sized functionality, premium components and a compact fold for the discerning consumer.

Montgaue FIT Folding Road Bike Woman Riding small

Montague Launches Folding Road Bike Ideal for Female Riders

The FIT is a sleek, lightweight road bike that can fold in seconds for transport or storage making it perfect for workouts, commuting, weekend getaways and long endurance rides.

Montague Paratrooper Elite Folding Mountain Bike by Car small

Montague Launches Folding Mountain Bike for Auto Enthusiasts

The Paratrooper Elite allows you to always have a high performance bike for recreation, fitness riding, or transportation right in your trunk. It’s the perfect complement to a car, SUV, or truck.

Montague Paratrooper Highline Folding Mountain Bike

Montague Launches Folding Mountain Bike for Off-Road Vehicles

The Paratrooper Highline offers the perfect solution to those looking for a versatile bike to take with them as they tackle the challenge of off-road driving then continue the fun with biking on backwoods trails.

Montague Navigator folding travel bike small

Montague Launches Folding Touring Bike for Travelers on the Go

The Navigator is loaded with features to handle anything from leisurely rides to long distance touring. Disc brakes, 35mm tires, and RackStand make it perfect for getting off the beaten path on your next trip.

Montague Paratrooper Pro Folding Mountain Bike small

Montague Launches Folding Mountain Bike Ideal for Hunters

The Paratrooper Pro with its folded size, durability and load bearing capabilities can easily stow in a vehicle, and carry gear into the woods to remote hunting spots.

David Montague Announcing Expansion of Park&Pedal Alongside State of Massachusetts Officials

Montague Expands Park&Pedal Program with State of Massachusetts

After partnering with the state of Massachusetts to establish the nation’s first official Park&Pedal network in greater Boston, Montague has worked to expand the network and is happy to announce 15 new Park&Pedal hubs.

Montague Urban Folding Bike for City Dwellers

Montague Launches Urban Folding Bike for City Dwellers

The Urban is a brand new model from Montague designed specifically for city dwellers. It features 21 speeds, wide 35mm tires, and RackStand, all with a compact folded size.

Montague Crosstown and Allston for Active Seniors

Montague Launches Crosstown Comfort Bike for Active Seniors

Montague has launched the all-new Crosstown, an economical multi-purpose bicycle designed to deliver a comfortable and ergonomic riding experience for seniors leading an active lifestyle.

Montague Paratrooper Pro Folding Bike for Truckers

Montague Launches Folding Mountain Bike Ideal for Truckers

Montague has launched the all new Paratrooper Pro, a versatile folding mountain bike that is perfect for long haul truck drivers looking to store a bike in their cab. A bike on board allows for a more active lifestyle on the road.

Fenway Park

Montague Leads Funway to Fenway Park&Pedal Ride

Montague is leading a Park&Pedal ride as part of the second annual Funway to Fenway event. The group ride to the Red Sox game celebrates their bike valet as well as the city’s multi-modal transportation options.

Montague Fit Folding Bike Commuting

All New FIT is the Folding Road Bike for Fitness Riders

The 2016 FIT is a high performance endurance road bike made for long excursions and high energy fitness rides. It will help you get in shape and still fold for the car trunk or closet.

Paratrooper folding bike near RV Small

All New Paratrooper is the Perfect Folding Bike for RV Enthusiasts

The new 2016 Paratrooper is a rugged folding bike at home in campgrounds, parks, and out on the trails. In seconds it folds for the cargo area of an RV or camper.

Montague Paratrooper Fold for the plane

Montague Launches All-Terrain Folding Bike for General Aviation

The new Highline model provides off-road capability perfect for rough roads and trails surrounding remote airfields and a compact fold for storage on a plane.

Montague Navigator and Allston Folded

Montague Launches the Most Versatile Folding Bike for Boaters

The new Allston model provides full-sized functionality, corrosion resistant components, and a compact fold for storage on a boat.

Montague bikes Folding System - DirectConnect

Montague Redesigns Folding Bikes for 2016

Montague’s 2016 bike line features an improved folding system, new specifications, updated paint and graphics, and the addition of the award winning RackStand.

Montague Folding Bikes at Eurobike Show

Montague RackStand™ Wins Eurobike Award

The combination luggage carrier, kickstand, fender, and workstand took home the bike industry’s most prestigious award.

David Montague announcing expansion for Park And Pedal

Montague Launches Official Park & Pedal Program with State of Massachusetts

Montague Bikes unveiled the first in the nation multimodal commuting network called Park&Pedal.

Montague Bikes now in Australia

Montague Bikes Now Distributed in Australia

Velomania Pty Ltd. has taken over distribution of Montague Bikes in Australia.

Montague Bikes World Map

Montague Expands Distribution Globally

Montague folding bicycles are now being distributed in Russia, Japan, and Malaysia.

Montague FIT Folding Bike Frame

Now Available: Folding Frames for Custom Builds

For the first time Montague offers individual frame sets to the public.

Interbike booth bike smash event

Montague Bike Smash at InterBike: The Hit of the Show

Montague has some fun with dilapidated bikes in their Interbike booth to illustrate the danger of leaving your bike on the street.

Prime Trucking Montague Folding Bikes Partnership

Changing Shape: Montague Bikes Partners with Prime, Inc. Trucking to Transform Driver Health

Montague Bikes has partnered with one of the largest trucking companies in the US.

Park and Pedal Commute Bike in Trunk

It Pays to do a Park & Pedal Commute

Montague folding bikes are perfect for multi-modal commuting.

Montague X90 Mountain Folding bike

Big Ride, Small Space

Montague bikes perfectly address the challenges of owning a bike in the city.

Montague Folding Bike at Beach Summer Vacation

Summer Vacations and Folding Bikes

Montague’s folding design makes them the ideal bike to travel with on your summer vacation.

Bike to Less Spending on Gasoline

Ride Your Way to a Lower Gas Bill

Cycling can provide a relief to spending on gasoline, and a Montague allows for flexible commuting.

Montague Folding Bike in Closet of Apartment

Economic Cycles: Montague Folding Bikes Make Space in Tight Rental Markets

A Montague folding bike is the perfect transportation for apartment dwellers.

Empty Bike Racks

Stealing Business from Bike Thieves

A Montague folding bike allows riders to keep their bike safe from potential theft.

Gas Pumps - Save Money by Biking

Foreign Policy and Folding Bikes

Tensions in the middle east have led to high gas prices. Montague bikes are a solution.

Montague Crosstown Folding Bike Riding

Make Room by Riding a Montague Folding Bike

Make in room in both your schedule and your clothes by cycling.

Montague Octagon stem lifting

Montague Announces Octagon Available Through QBP

The Octagon adjustable steerer tube extender is now available as an aftermarket part through QBP.

Bikes Not Bombs Logo

Montague Corporation Donates to Bikes Not Bombs

Among other initiatives, Bikes Not Bombs provides bikes to developing countries around the world.

Sign on Iron Curtain Trail

Student Bikes Iron Curtain Trail on Montague Folding Bike

Carleton College student takes on 1,600 mile bike journey on Montague.

Montague Paratrooper Pro New Folding Bike

Montague Corporation Announces New Folding Bikes for 2011

Montague introduces the Paratrooper Pro, Boston 8, and an upgraded FIT.

Wall Street Journal Logo

Wall Street Journal Confirms It: Folding Bikes Are Cool

The wall street journal features folding bikes and declares that they are now cool.

Eurobike Show Logo

Montague Bikes Well Received at Eurobike

Montague’s premiered new bike models at the Eurobike Show to much acclaim.

All Montague Folding Bike Models

Montague Has a Folding Bike for Every Rider

New bike models offer a wider variety of styles to fit any riders needs.

European Union Flag

Montague Seeks Continental Expansion

Following success in the North American market, Montague looks toward Europe.

World's First 700c Folding Road Bike

Montague Launches New Line of Folding Bikes

Montague offers 700c folding road bikes for the first time.

Montague Folding Bike as a Gift

Montague Bikes - Unfold and Go This Holiday Season!

A folding bike is the perfect gift and a great companion for holiday traveling.

2010 New Montague Folding bikes Website

New Website for 2010

Montague Bikes has launched a brand new website to coincide with a new product line.

David Byrne with Montague Bike

David Byrne from Talking Heads Bike Tours on Montague Folding Bike

While writing “Bicycle Diaries”, David Byrne traveled the world on a Montague.

Zipcar Low Car Diet Kickoff with Montague Folding Bike

Zipcar Brings Montague Bikes Into the Fold with the Low-Car Diet

Montague Bikes partners with Zipcar to promote car free lifestyle.

Montague folding bike from car trunk for exercise

New Folding Bike Lets You Workout How You Want, When You Want

Bike commuting fits exercise into your daily routine, and a folding bike makes it even easier.

Montague swissbike tx folding bike for commuting

Half and Half with Your Morning Commute

For those with a long commute, a folding bike allows cycling for part of the distance.

Montague paratrooper folding bike for military

Is The Military Going Green?

Montague Paratrooper folding bike shown at Force Protection Equipment Demonstration.

Montague Swissbike TX Folding Bike for Commuting Open

Bike Riding Employeees Cut Costs and Save Money

The Swissbike TX offers commuters a less expensive transportation method.

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