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Economic Cycles: Montague Folding Bikes Make Space in Tight Rental Markets


CAMBRIDGE, MA – February, 2012 – When the U.S. housing bubble burst in 2008, home values plummeted. These same economic forces have had an inverse effect on apartment rental rates, which have risen continuously since 2009. In the past year alone, 10 major metropolitan areas experienced an average rent increase of 5% or greater. This has left many people frustrated by the cost of city living.

Compounding this frustration is city transportation. Owning a car and living in a city is both expensive and impractical. In addition to the regular costs of car ownership (e.g. gas, insurance, and routine maintenance), parking can mean buying a city permit, renting a parking space, or keeping track of complicated street cleaning schedules. It can also often take upwards of a half hour to travel just a few miles, due to traffic congestion. And don’t look to public transportation either: as government at every level finds itself forced to operate on a smaller budget, fares on buses and subways are going up as service is being reduced. So what’s a city-dweller to do? Ride a bike, of course! But is there space in small city apartment to store a bicycle? With a Montague folding bike – absolutely.

For over 25 years, Montague Corporation has been designing full-size bicycles that fold to a compact 36”x28”x12”. A non-folding bike takes up valuable square footage, but a Montague folding bike can be stored easily in a closet or under a desk. And because Montague bikes have full-size 26” or 700C wheels and fold without cutting any structural tubes (thanks to Montague’s patented folding technology), they still offer a comfortable ride and responsive handling.

Given the current economic climate, Montague folding bikes are the best way to save space and money. They are “perfectly suited to life in a cramped city apartment,” says Matt Allyn, Online Editor for “And, just as I’d hoped, my bike folded up and fit neatly in the closet, between the extra paper towel rolls and ironing board….it proved to be a snappy and responsive ride. It’s a bike I’d ride, even if I wasn’t short on space.” And for someone who’s not ready to completely forego other forms of transportation, Montague folding bikes are a great option, since they fit easily in the trunk of a car and many transit systems allow folding bikes on board at all times, even during rush hour.

Still skeptical? Just take a look at the numbers. In Boston, for example, the average studio apartment (485 sq. ft.) went for $1215/month in 2011, which works out to $2.51/sq. ft. A non-folding bicycle occupies about 11 square feet. So over a year, indoor bike storage costs the occupant of this average studio apartment approximately $331 worth of space. Compare this to a Montague folding bike, which takes up just 1.5 square feet with an annual cost of just $45 worth of space – almost a $300 difference. Considering the financial benefits, the fact that a Montague folding bike can be stored inside without being the new living room centerpiece is simply an added bonus.

While folding bikes won’t actually cause monthly rents to decrease, they do allow apartment dwellers to maximize the usability of the space they’re already paying for. And with a Montague folding bike, they can be sure of getting the best possible return on their investment – both in terms of the extra space they’re afforded and in the quality of the bike.

For information on Montague’s bike line, visit or contact Montague at 800-736-5348.


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Montague Corporation is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts and is dedicated to advancing cycling through the development of inventive technologies that provide its customers with an unprecedented combination of performance and convenience. Montague has been manufacturing bikes and bike components for over 25 years. Visit or call toll free (800) 736-5348 for more information about Montague products and technologies.


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