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“Bike Smash” Interbike: The Hit of the Show


LAS VEGAS, NV- At this year’s Interbike, the largest bicycle industry tradeshow in North America, Montague Corporation will be demonstrating how vulnerable bicycles are to vandalism and theft when locked outside.  Montague’s booth #24105 will feature a “Bike Smash”.  Interbike attendees will be invited to swing a weapon of their choice at a bike locked to a parking meter.  While the “Smash” itself promises to be entertaining, the resulting damage will, no doubt, be a sobering reminder of the fate that can befall a bike left outside, even if it is securely locked.

Thanks to their patented folding system, Montague’s full-size bikes fold quickly and easily, without the use of tools, to easily store inside, safe from the “swinging mallets” of urban environments.  Folding down to a compact 36”x 28”x 12” in less than 20 seconds, while still offering the ride quality of a non-folding bike, Montague bikes uniquely address an industry need for high-performance, secure portability.

Bicycle security has become a genuine concern for many cyclists in recent years.  As bike ridership has increased across the U.S., so, unfortunately, have instances of theft and vandalism.  And while a good, strong lock and proper locking practice are both important, the fact remains that no lock can compare to the security of indoor bike storage.

“Many cyclists live and work in urban areas, where bike theft is most common,” said Montague Product Manager, Jonathan Vandenberg.  “People know the risk of leaving their bikes outside, but think they’re ok as long as they have a good lock, and some good luck.  With the Bike Smash, we hope to alert people to the dangers of leaving a bike – even a locked bike – on the street.  Bikes locked outside, even if they’re not stolen, are more likely to suffer damage.  Montague bikes, on the other hand are easy to store and bring inside, protected from theft, vandalism, and even bad weather.”

The Interbike Tradeshow has been held annually in Las Vegas for the past 30 years.  Montague Corporation, an industry leader in full-size bikes that fold for 25 years, has participated almost every year since 1988.  Montague’s first ever Bike Smash serves to highlight the utility of their full-size foldable bicycles.  In a space-constrained apartment or office, there simply isn’t room for a non-folding bicycle, which is the reason bikes are so often left outside.  But Montague bikes fold easily and can be stored in the back of a closet or under a desk, eliminating the need for outdoor bicycle storage.  To take a your turn as a vandal in the Bike Smash, or to learn more about how Montague’s full-size bikes that fold, stop by Montague’s Interbike booth #24105.

For more information on Montague’s complete line of pavement and mountain bikes that fold, visit or contact Montague at 800-736-5348.

About Montague Corporation
Montague Corporation is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts and is dedicated to advancing cycling through the development of inventive technologies that provide its customers with an unprecedented combination of performance and convenience. Montague has been manufacturing bikes and bike components for over 25 years. Visit or call toll free (800) 736-5348 for more information about Montague products and technologies.


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