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Ride Your Way to a Lower Gas Bill


CAMBRIDGE, MA – March 2012 – The price of gas is on the rise. Heading into the election, Republicans blame the President’s environmental and energy policies, while he, in turn, blames tensions in the Middle East, increased international demand for oil, and Wall Street speculation. Gas prices are already hovering around $4/gal, and economists predict that they will surpass $5/gal by the end of the summer.

This looks like troubling news for the U.S. economy. As many Americans are already struggling with rising costs of living, an extra hit at the gas pump is the last thing anyone needs.

Historically, when oil prices have soared, Americans have turned to the bicycle for transportation. In 1973, during the height of the oil crisis, bicycle sales exceeded automobile sales for the first time since the early 1900s. And when oil prices hit record highs in 2008, bicycle sales reached near record levels once again. Indeed, the bicycle is a wise choice of vehicle for volatile economic times – for cyclists, the price of gasoline is one less thing to worry about.

But what about the challenges of owning and riding a bicycle? Just because it’s affordable doesn’t necessarily make it a practical option. For people who live in cities or small apartments, storage is an issue; for people who have longer commutes, the distance alone can seem like an obstacle; and theft is a problem for everyone.

Just as the auto industry has adapted since the 1970s to produce vehicles that better suit modern lifestyles, so too has the bicycle industry. While a steel 10-speed used to be standard issue, there are now bicycles available that can speak to each of the aforementioned cycling concerns, without sacrificing comfort, speed, or performance.

One such bicycle is made by Montague Corporation. For over 25 years, Montague Corporation, a Cambridge, MA based bicycle company, has been designing full-size mountain and pavement bikes that fold, in less than 20 seconds, to a compact 36″x28″x12″. This makes them ideal for anyone with limited storage space, since they fit easily in a closet, under a desk, or in a car trunk. They’re also easy to store indoors, which helps protect against theft.

And because they fit in the trunk of a car, Montague bikes offer a way for people to reduce their fuel consumption even if they can’t completely eliminate car travel – the “Park and Pedal” commute. With the bike in the trunk of the car, someone can drive part of their commute and ride the rest – whether it’s a 28 mile drive and a 2 mile ride or a 10 mile drive and a 20 mile ride – it’s all up to how far they want to ride on any given day.

Montague rider Zach Whitrock says, “I am a sailor stationed with Marines in Camp Lejeune, NC.  Gas is getting very expensive and I look forward to being able to commute to work via bike.”

What really distinguishes Montague folding bikes, however, is the quality of the ride. It’s easy enough to insert a hinge into the middle of a frame and call it a folding bike, but Montague employs a patented folding system that doesn’t compromise the integrity of the frame. Together with full-size wheels and industry standard components, Montague ensures that its bikes ride as well as any non-folding bicycle (and probably better than some of those relics from the 1970s).

Whatever the reasons for the price increase, the reality of today’s economy is that the cost of everyday items, such as gas, are going to be affected by a number of different factors. While there isn’t much the average person can do to change the price of oil, they can change their transportation habits. And with Montague’s bikes that fold, it’s easier than ever before to fit a bicycle into a busy lifestyle and make bike commuting part of the daily routine.

For more information on Montague’s complete line of bikes that fold, visit or contact Montague at 800-736-5348.


About Montague Corporation
Montague Corporation is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts and is dedicated to advancing cycling through the development of inventive technologies that provide its customers with an unprecedented combination of performance and convenience. Montague has been manufacturing bikes and bike components for over 25 years. Visit or call toll free (800) 736-5348 for more information about Montague products and technologies.


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