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Montague Has a Folding Bike for Every Rider


CAMBRIDGE, MA – August 21, 2010 – “A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage,” was the slogan used by Herbert Hoover to defeat Alfred Smith in the 1928 United States Presidential election. “A bicycle for every rider,” could be the modern day equivalent of what Montague Bikes is doing for anyone who wants to ride a bicycle.

Montague Corporation, the leader in full-size folding bikes, in addition to offering high performance, portable mountain bikes, now has available a new line of 700c road bikes, including the first ever full-size, single speed, folding bike called The Boston. In addition to The Boston, Montague’s full-size folding road bike lineup includes the Crosstown, the Navigator and the FIT, all of which feature a new frame design optimized for road cycling, in addition to their patented folding technology.

“All our new models offer a solid ride for all levels of riders,” said Jonathan Vandenberg, Sales Manager. “Our engineers have incorporated all of our patented technologies across our complete line of bikes to provide the cyclist with improved performance, convenience and safety. These bikes are perfect for cyclists who want high performance but also want the convenience of folding for travel, commuting and storage.”

The timing for the release of these bikes could not be better. According to the Bicycle Product Supplier Association, the hybrid/cross (urban bike) category increased by over 30%. Montague has seen an enormous amount of growth in the use of road bikes. “We are experiencing a great response to our road bike line both from our customers and dealers. The growth of the urban bike market appears to be very strong,” said Vandenberg, “This category of bike is perfect for both the commuter and the casual cyclist, both of which are experiencing strong growth.”

The 700C series provides a range of four new full-size options for road cyclists:

  • The Boston™, the world’s first 700c single-speed folding bike, appeals to urban riders looking for the most simplicity and convenience.
  • The Crosstown™ is a 7-speed folding cruiser for those cyclists who want a little more variety on the road, as well as the convenience of the Octagon Steering System, where the handle bar height can be adjusted with the simple click of a button.
  • The Navigator® is a 27-speed folding commuter bike that features more frame details, such as fenders a rack, and the Octagon Steering system.
  • The FIT™ is a high performance road bike that offers a light and fast performance, with 27-speeds, the Octagon Steering system, and of course the option to fold the frame for easy storage and portability.

In addition to these new road bikes, Montague also offers four new models of their traditional mountain bikes: the SwissBike™ X50, the Paratrooper®, the SwissBike™ X70 and the SwissBike™ XO.

All Montague bikes use the patented F.I.T™ system. This folding design uses no hinges or other “cuts” in the frame tubing, making these the strongest folding bike frames available for a fast responsive ride. Folding requires no tools and can be done quickly with the simple flick of a lever allowing the rider total flexibility in commute or travels. All Montague bikes will fold in under 20 seconds and incorporate their latest patented technologies offering unprecedented performance and portability.


About Montague Bikes
Montague Corporation is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts and is dedicated to advancing cycling through the development of inventive technologies that provide its customers with an unprecedented combination of performance and convenience. Montague has been manufacturing bikes and bike components for over 25 years. Visit or call toll free (800) 736-5348 for more information about Montague products and technologies.



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