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Montague Launches Innovative New Folding Bike for Commuters

The Urban offers a range of amenities specifically tailored to meet daily commute needs


CAMBRIDGE, MA – October 19, 2016 – Montague Bikes, the leader in full-size folding bikes, has launched the brand new Urban, a well equipped pavement bike designed to deliver a comfortable and responsive riding experience with thoughtful amenities for riders who are looking to utilize a bike in their daily commutes. Its folding design and full size wheels offer the perfect solution to those looking to quickly get around their city and easily take their bike on public transportation or stow it in a car trunk.

Equipped with a 21-speed Shimano drivetrain and rapid-fire shifters, the Urban provides the rider with a vehicle that can adjust to meet the quickly changing demands of city riding. Wide 35mm tires make it well suited for commuting over rough roads and potholes. When folded, the bike fits easily under most desks. Its rugged hybrid tires are suitable for both pavement and light trails, allowing riders the freedom to go almost anywhere.

When folded, the bike compacts to just 36 inches wide, 28 inches high and 12 inches deep, perfect for city residents who may live in small apartments with limited storage. It also weighs only 29 lbs, making it very light and portable for those that are looking to take it on trains and buses. The ability to fold and carry the bike offers owners additional security because it can be stored inside and not left vulnerable to vandalism or theft. Industry standard components also make repairs and customizations possible at any bike shop.

Commuting by bike in many crowded cities is quickly growing as it saves riders both time and money. According to the League of American Cyclists, during rush hour traffic, bikes are up to 50 percent faster than traveling by car.

Like all Montague bikes, the Urban includes the patented DirectConnect™ folding system that provides increased frame stiffness for superior ride quality, and can be folded and unfolded in less than 20 seconds. It also comes equipped with Montague’s patented Eurobike award winning RackStand which serves as a standard cargo rack and mud guard when the bike is in use, converts into a kickstand when parked, and allows the bike to stand upright when folded.  The Urban retails for $749.95.

“The Urban is the perfect solution for commuters who are looking for a fast mode of transportation in cities with significant gridlock traffic.” said Ryan Walas, Director of Marketing for Montague Bikes. “The bike is a true urban assault vehicle that is tough enough to take on city streets and still deliver a rich riding experience. The added benefit of being able to fold quickly for transportation and storage sets it apart from the competition.”

The Urban is part of Montague’s 11 all-new bike models for 2016 that feature the same folding frame design. The 2016 line-up includes six road and five mountain bikes ranging in price from $639.95 to $2,449.00.

About Montague Corporation
Montague Corporation is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts USA and is dedicated to advancing cycling through the development of inventive technologies that provide its customers with an unprecedented combination of performance and convenience. Montague has been manufacturing bikes and bike components for 25 years. Visit or call +(617) 491-7200 for more information about Montague products and technologies.


Matt McCarthy
Montague Corporation
Telephone: 1-617-491-7200 ext. 201

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Montague Urban Commuter Folding Bike

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