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Make Room in Your Schedule and Your Clothes by Riding a Montague Folding Bike


CAMBRIDGE, MA – January, 2012 – From careers to family, and everything in between, women are constantly juggling responsibilities, which means at the end of the day, there’s not always enough time, or energy, left for exercise. Although bike commuting is an easy way to add more activity to a crowded schedule, for a busy woman, making the change to bike-centered transportation can be difficult. Recent studies from the Transportation Research Board found that women make twice as many trips at the service of passengers (e.g. drop-offs/pick-ups) as men do. This helps explain both why women have so little time for exercise, and also why they might not see bike commuting as a realistic transportation option. But with a Montague folding bike, a woman can have her car and bike commute too.

Montague Corporation, a bicycle manufacturer based in Cambridge, MA, has been designing full-size bicycles that fold for over 25 years. These bikes not only perform as well as any non-folding bicycle, but also fold quickly and easily, without the use of tools, to store in a car trunk or closet. With a Montague folding bike, even someone dropping kids off at school can do a “Park and Pedal” commute: parking her car in a convenient location, she can unfold her bike and pedal in to work. By riding her bike, she saves herself time, not only by turning her commute into exercise, but also by bypassing long lines of traffic. In addition to time, she also saves money on gas, city parking, and gym membership fees. And at the end of the day, she can ride back to her car, in time to take care of any additional errands or pick-ups.

“It’s exciting to see how bike commuting has taken off in recent years,” says Montague Product Manager, Jonathan Vandenberg. “And along with it, we’re seeing an increased consumer interest in folding bikes. As more people start to ride, they find they still need to use other forms of transportation, so we hear from a lot of people who are looking to combine cycling with driving a private vehicle or taking public transit.”

With a Montague folding bike, it’s a breeze to go from driving to cycling and back again, without sacrificing ride quality or comfort. All Montague bikes have full-size wheels, for a smooth, comfortable ride, and come in a variety of different frame sizes, designed to fit riders from 4’8” to 6’4”; the smaller sizes are specifically designed to accommodate women’s proportions. The bikes are made with industry standard parts, so they can be taken to almost any bike shop for a tune-up or repair; they are also compatible with many common accessories, such as baskets, rear racks, and trailers. All this, and they still fold to a compact 36”x28”x12” in less than 20 seconds!

Considering all the different demands placed on women today, it’s no surprise that not everyone can find time to exercise. But a “Park and Pedal” style commute with a Montague folding bike makes it possible for someone to work a bike ride into her day without having to budget any additional time. And while not every woman can go car-free, a bike commute can still help her make more space in her schedule, as well as her favorite pair of jeans.

For information on Montague’s bike line, visit or contact Montague at 800-736-5348.


About Montague Corporation

Montague Corporation is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts and is dedicated to advancing cycling through the development of inventive technologies that provide its customers with an unprecedented combination of performance and convenience. Montague has been manufacturing bikes and bike components for over 25 years. Visit or call toll free (800) 736-5348 for more information about Montague products and technologies.



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