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Montague at Eurobike 2017 – Recap

Eurobike! It’s one of the most exciting weeks on the calendar each year for many in the bike industry and for bike lovers lucky enough to make their way to southern Germany to attend. As one of the largest bicycle trade shows in the world, Eurobike attracts... read more

Family Riding in Nantucket

Just got back from a great family riding weekend in Nantucket. What a great island for a bicycle vacation. Our Montague Navigator, Crosstown and Boston were amazing companions to explore Nantucket. This island is small and riding our Montague was the best way to enjoy... read more

Road and Gravel on a Custom FIT

There is no better travel companion than a bicycle. When I’m heading out on a weekend excursion, a few days by the beach, or even a camping trip, my first thought is “Which bike should I bring?”. Heading up to Maine last week for some R&R was a... read more

New HQ for Montague Australia

Velomania, the official Montague distributor for Australia, recently built a brand new showroom and workshop. The location is a full service bike shop offering repairs, accessories, and the complete line of Montague folding bikes for sale on site. The modern space is... read more

From Genoa to Jerusalem on a Montague Bike

Montague folding bikes can be found all over the world, and due to the versatility provided by their folding design they’re often the bike of choice for touring. One Montague rider undertook a journey from Genoa, Italy all the way to Jerusalem, Israel on his... read more

Taipei Cycle Show Recap 2017

The Taipei Cycle Show, one of Asia’s largest bicycle trade shows, took place in Taiwan last month. The event is a massive gathering of bike industry professionals; everyone from manufacturers and designers to distributors, retailers, and press. It serves as an... read more

How To: Patch a Tube

An essential skill for any cyclist is the ability to fix a flat tire. If you can, you’ll almost never get stranded on a ride. Some cyclists carry a new tube while others prefer the weight and space savings of a patch kit. I often carry both. Patching your tubes... read more

Winter Cycling Check List

There’s no reason winter should stop you from riding your bike. Whether you normally get in the saddle for commuting, fitness, or pleasure, you can still have comfortable and enjoyable rides even in cold weather. Here are some necessities to prepare you and your... read more

Riding North Dakota with Brent Rose

Brent Rose has spent the better part of the last year traveling the US in a tricked out van with a the latest tech and gadgets for living a lavish #vanlife. One piece of gear on board is a Montague X90 folding mountain bike. Having a fully capable mountain bike that... read more

Montague at Interbike 2016 – Recap

Interbike is North America’s largest bicycle trade show which takes place in Las Vegas Nevada each year in September. Montague was there exhibiting their latest folding bikes and showing off the upcoming aftermarket version of the RackStand. Flying into Las... read more

Montague at Eurobike 2016 – Recap

The end of August bring the Eurobike Show. Each year manufacturers, distributors, press and all manner of bicycle industry professionals gather in Friedrichshafen, Germany for one of the largest bicycle trade shows in the world. Montague was there to show off the... read more

Folding Bikes in the USA – Featured Montague Dealers

With the popularity of folding bikes in the US growing, we want to give you a glimpse of how Montague bikes are used in cities all over the country, show you the best riding spots around the country, and feature our best dealers in each region. The best way to buy a... read more