We are full-size folding bikes. Montague is the world’s leading maker of full-size folding bikes.
We focus on performance and ride quality first, creating some of the most versatile bikes on the planet.

Frames built for full-size wheels

Montague Bikes fold in seconds but don’t compromise on ride quality like small-wheel folders.

Bikes that fit into your lifestyle

Or the trunk of your car, the train, your closet at home, your boat, your plane… it’s a long list.


Montague bikes use a patented design that delivers the strongest folding frame on the market.

“This polished, folding electric bike comes pretty darn close to perfection.”

Wired Magazine

“It proved to be a snappy and responsive ride. It’s a bike I’d ride, even if I wasn’t short on space.

Breaking down the bike takes no more than 30 seconds, and in its compact state, it’s easy to carry or stow in the back of a car (in addition to closet).”

Bicycling Magazine

“These aren’t typical folding bikes with the circus wheels. These are bicycles made for athletes with standard size wheels and all the bells and whistles you could want that conveniently fold up and can be stored in your apartment or trunk of your car.

With an emphasis on performance,… Montague Bikes is revolutionizing the folding bicycle for all cyclists.”

Sports Illustrated

Custom Montague Bikes – Rider Spotlights

Custom Montague Bikes – Rider Spotlights

Since Montague folding bikes use all industry standard components, riders have the ability to fully customize their bikes with any aftermarket parts and accessories they choose. We love to see the wide variety of custom Montague bikes around the world, from drop bar...

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Shimano STEPS E-Bikes: E-Tube Ride Mobile App

Shimano STEPS E-Bikes: E-Tube Ride Mobile App

If you own an electric bike with a Shimano STEPS drive system, there are two mobile apps that allow you to connect with your e-bike from your smartphone. We covered the Shimano E-Tube Project app in an earlier post, which allows you customize settings on the bike's...

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