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Electric Bike Action Montague M-E1 Review Thumbnail

"Overall, the ride quality and build quality are excellent, making it easily one of the most comfortable folding bikes we’ve yet ridden.

The power kicks in gently and predictably, and there’s plenty of it to get you rolling. The M-E1 flattened every hill we threw at it with aplomb."

Electric Bike Action

Wired Montague Article Thumbnail

"This polished, folding electric bike comes pretty darn close to perfection.

This folding bike with a step-through frame is the most comfortable folding ebike I’ve ridden. It’s hard not to feel impressed when you hop on the M-E1’s saddle. There’s no part of it that feels rickety, unlike some other folding bikes I’ve tested."

Wired Montague M-E1 Review Thumbnail

"A full sized folding electric bike with premium parts all around. The Shimano STePS E6100 drive unit is an efficient, quiet, lightweight, and narrow to keep the bike compact when folded.

Industry-leading folding design allows the bike to become very compact and stay folded without rattling or coming undone.

Most folding ebikes aren’t as comfortable as this one!"

Bike Europe Montague M-E1 Article Thumbnail

"With a patent-pending frame design, the M-E1 is a performance trekking e-bike that folds in seconds with a single quick release. The fold-and-roll design of the full size 700c wheeled ME-1 makes it ideal for multi-modal commuting.

The folding e-bike offers the same ride quality as a non-folding e-bike, but with the added benefits of easier storage."

Bike Europe

Electrek Montague Review Thumbnail

"Montagues’ M-E1 bucks [the] trend, combining a leading mid-drive electric motor with a nice suite of bicycle components to create a high-quality, full-size commuter e-bike that can still fold to fit in a closet.

I definitely understand the limited space apartment-living lifestyle. Montague’s M-E1 looks like an elegantly designed solution to that problem, and a solution that perhaps offers the fewest compromises of all."

Momentum M-E1 Montague Article Thumbnail

"Folding bikes are fantastic and offer plenty of versatility for the urban cyclist. But there has always been an issue of size. It’s just not the same. That’s changing as folding bike supplier Montague has launched the world’s first full-sized folding e-bike.

The Montague M-E1 is a performance trekking e-bike with 700c wheels that folds in seconds with a single quick release, allowing it to be stored in closets, car trunks, even behind your desk at the office. It also keeps the bike safe from theft and out of the elements."

Momentum Magazine

Gear Hungry Montague Article Thumbnail

"Go ‘n Stow: Montague Launches World’s First Full-Size Folding E-Bike

When you arrive at your destination, the bike folds up in seconds with a single quick-release, breaking it down to about half its size. This perk makes it simple to store in a closet, haul onto a train, or toss in a car trunk for a road trip. It’s rollable when packed down, so you can casually cruise into your cubicle instead of awkwardly grunting and dragging your bike behind you. This step-through road and gravel bike sports full-sized 700c wheels, front suspension, plus all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a performance e-bike. "

Gear Hungry

The Guardian Montague Article Thumbnail

"The Montague Allston is here to prove that good looks, great performance and portability can all exist in one tidy package. Instead of dish-sized wheels, the Allston is equipped with full-sized road wheels that deliver a ride indistinguishable from other high-performance bikes. Ideal for the car boot, train or cupboard under the stairs. This means your Allston will never be stolen from outside your flat. This might just make it the ultimate city bike."

The Guardian

Elevation Outdoors Montague Article Thumbnail

"Pack It Away - Montague Allston: This easy-to-pack foldable bike is no slouch once it’s assembled. The combination of Gates Carbon Belt Drive and a Shimano Alfine 11 internal gear hub deliver easy power on the bike path or street without the worry of breakdowns or a mess."

Elevation Outdoors

The Manual Montague Article Thumbnail

"Packable (and Fun) Outdoor Gear That Will Actually Fit In Your Car

Most foldable bikes have tiny little tires and, while packable, fall short of off-road capabilities. Enter the Paratrooper Highline.

The original Montague Paratrooper was designed with a grant from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for actual paratroopers to drop into combat with a bike attached — parachute in, assemble the bike, ride out. The Highline is a lighter version of that original design that fell out of the sky, and with better components."

The Manual

Wired UK Montague Article Thumbnail

"The Best Folding Bikes in 2020: Montague Boston - The smart choice for commuters with longer journeys to the station (or those who simply have issues with smaller bikes), the 10.8-kilogram Boston comes in 17- or 19-inch frame options, with 700c alloy wheels, which allow for steady, speedy riding over medium distances. The folding system – essentially a bi-fold but for full-sized bikes – does a great job crunching the size down to a reasonable 90cm x 48cm x 30cm for stowing on trains or car boots"

Wired UK

Velonews Montague Article Thumbnail

"Previously primarily known for their usage by paratroopers in the U.S. military, Montague’s folding bikes are perfect for using with the Park & Ride program. They fold up quickly (under 20 seconds for all models) and compactly without tools, so stashing them in an office or small apartment, taking them on a bus or a train, or tossing into a car trunk is a snap. They also have full-sized wheels, so they can be used on a much wider variety of terrain than most folding bikes."


Boating Mag Montague Folding Bike Article Thumbnail

"The mystique begins with the carbon belt drive, an 11-speed internal gear system cranked by a toothed belt, not a greasy, pant leg-eating chain. Shifting was buttery smooth and reliable and there was none of that, awful grinding when skipping a gear or two. Click, click, click and you were three gears higher or lower than a millisecond before. And as we cranked the pedals we noted immediately the lack of “grind” that transmits through the pedals of a chain drive bike. Further, as we jounced down curbs or over potholes, there was no slap or clank or chain sag, inherent with a temperamental derailleur. The drive was so rare, even the bike shop employees drooled over it and lined up for a test drive through their parking lot. If I could, I’d buy the bike just for that."

Boating Mag

Cycling Weekly Montague Folding Bike Article Thumbnail

"If you want a bike that folds, but still rolls on 700c wheels (the same size as a standard road or hybrid bike) – then this could be an option to suit you. The Montague Boston was designed by a 6 ft 2 US architect, who simply didn’t want to make do with small wheels.

The folding mechanism here is controlled by a quick release, and our test bike had an aluminium frame and steel fork. We had a single speed version, but Montague does offer versions with up to eight hub gears. The bike has a claimed weight of 10.8kg."

Cycling Weekly

Momentum Mag Montague Folding Bike Article Thumbnail

"Montague, an industry high-hitter in full size folding bike technology, offers bikes with full-size wheels, standard components, and familiar geometry that still fold in seconds for the car trunk or train. The Allston is equipped with 700c wheels, a Gates carbon belt drive and a Shimano Alfine 11 speed internal gear hub. Shimano hydraulic disc brakes are also paired with Montague’s RackStand, a rear cargo rack with built in mud guard that rotates under the rear wheel to double as a kickstand and stand for the folded bike."

Momentum Mag

Sports Illustrated Montague Folding Bike Article Thumbnail

"These aren’t the typical folding bikes with the circus wheels. These are bicycles made for athletes with standard size wheels and all the bells and whistles you could want that conveniently fold up and can be stored in your apartment or trunk of your car.

Whether you’re an avid cyclist or rely on your bike to get you around town, the convenience of always having your bike with you is invaluable. Even more vital, though, is how that bike performs. With an emphasis on performance before the convenience of folding, Montague Bikes is revolutionizing the folding bicycle for all cyclists."

Sports Illustrated

Cruising World Montague Folding Bike Article Thumbnail

"Looking for a way to get around in port while cruising? The Montague Allston is a folding bike designed from the ground up for sailors. Some of our favorite features include the rustproof and greasefree belt drive instead of a chain; a sealed internal gear hub; and lightweight aluminum construction. The Allston is quick and simple to fold up and weighs just 30 pounds."

Cruising World

Bicycling Magazine Montague Folding Bike Review Thumbnail

"The bike kept up with taxis and felt comfortable on multi-hour rides. Thanks to 700c wheels, the Boston rode like a conventional flat-bar road bike, and it’s wide tires provided ample traction and some comfort over cracked streets. The bike is agile, but stable.

To Collapse the Boston, remove the front wheel, open a quick-release on the frame, and swing the two halves together, securing them with a hook-and-loop strap. Despite its standard wheels, the model is lighter than the others we tested."

Bicycling Magazine

Robb Report Montague Review Thumbnail

"This bike lives up to the hype. It features Montague’s patented folding system, and with a flip of the quick-release lever, it can fit into the trunk of your car or closet in 20 seconds.

Montague’s top-of-the-line folding bike, killing it in the convenience department and still ideal for race day, technical cross country, and fast single-track mountain rides."

Robb Report

Time Magazine Montague Folding Bike Feature Thumbnail

"Few bicycle companies need to measure the size of an aircraft door when designing a new model. But Montague Corp., based in Cambridge, Mass., did exactly that when the Pentagon said it needed a lightweight, foldable bike that special-operations forces could carry as they jumped out of airplanes into enemy territory.

Montague came up with the Paratrooper, which has a hardened aluminum frame and wheels and beefy pedals. It weighs only 29 lbs and can fold in less than a minute to a manageable size."

TIME Magazine

The Guardian Montague Paratrooper Review Thumbnail

"Off-roaders are resigned to loading their bikes on to the back of a car before heading off to the hills in search of challenging terrain. Now the Montague adds a new dimension to escaping into the wild. Its patented folding design was developed by the US military to allow soldiers to strap the bike to their chest before parachuting deep behind enemy lines.

It’s incredibly simple to unfold – a single sturdy pin controls the hinge – and it has 27 gears, mechanical disc brakes and full front shocks to help you make mincemeat of hostile territory. It also zips neatly into a bag which then fits into the boot, so weekend warriors don’t have to worry about getting their car dirty on the way home."

The Guardian

Popular Mechanics Montague Paratrooper Review Thumbnail

"The Montague Paratrooper Pro bike is built like a tank, folds like a Swiss Army knife, and weighs less than body armor.

It handled fantastically whether climbing hills (the 27 gears came in handy), jumping ditches, coasting down steep slopes, or grinding through thick mud. Casually riding the Paratrooper Pro on the boardwalk was another story: It’s a simple attention grabber—and it works. It performs on pavement, too, especially when its suspension lock is engaged and the shock-absorbing front fork stays steady.

At first glance you might not think this 26-inch frame could fold into a 36 x 28 x 12–inch bundle. And it takes less than half a minute and just two lever flips—one for the first fold and one to remove the front tire."

Popular Mechanics

Bike Radar Review Thumbnail

"The Montague Urban has full-size 700C wheels, and can fold without any breaks in the frame’s tubing. It does this by swivelling around the seat tube, and doesn’t require the handlebars to fold down either.

Bonus features include a RackStand that is a luggage carrier, rear mudguard, kickstand and workstand all in one. Oh, and 21-speed Shimano gearing is very welcome.

A great bet for those wanting to store their bike indoors, or pop it in a car boot."

Bike Radar

Bicycling Online Montague Folding Bike Review Thumbnail

"Once I started riding the bike, I quickly understood that the Boston had more going for it than just storage economics. It’s fun, too. On bike paths, around town, and up and down hills, it proved to be a snappy and responsive ride. It’s a bike I’d ride, even if I wasn’t short on space.

Breaking down the bike takes no more than 30 seconds, and in its compact state, it’s easy to carry or stow in the back of a car (in addition to closet)."

Bicycling Magazine

The Independent Montague Folding Bike Review Thumbnail

"If laughably titchy wheels and nerdy styling put you off folders, take a look at this rugged offering from Montague. Long revered in the US, the award-winning bikes have been deployed in Iraq, where their sturdy build and portability make them a marine’s best friend.

Landing on our shores later this month, the [Montague] is a fully fledged mountain bike that happens to fold in half."

The Independent

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