Folding Bike Support

We understand that you will have questions. That is why we offer our manuals, instructions and the answers to many frequently asked questions about our bikes. If your questions cannot be answered from this page, our team of knowledgeable support staff can assist you with any questions you have about your future, new, or old bike.

Owner's Manual

Review our manual before riding your new Montague folding bike. Find current and archived versions here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about our bikes? Check out the FAQ first. Chances are someone has asked about it before.

Warranty Info

All of our folding bikes come with a great warranty right from the factory. Get more information here.

Bike Registration

Completing the online registration is an easy way to ensure that your bike’s information is kept secure.

Folding Instructions

All of our bikes fold in a few simple steps. Folding and unfolding can be accomplished in under 30 seconds. Check it out here.

Bike Archives

Here you can find information on Montague folding bikes from previous model years.

Contact Us

Have a question? Need to place an order or tell us how awesome our bikes are? Right this way please.

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