Every day we see incredible photos of Montague Bikes from all over the globe — pics snapped on the morning commute or at a scenic trail overlook, photos from long bike tours and bikepacking trips, or meticulous custom built Montagues with all new components and color coordinated parts. These are the things that keep us excited about our brand; seeing how all of you enjoy life through riding our bikes, the unique ways in which you use them and fold them, and how you express yourself through them. We want to highlight a few Montague Rockstars (as we like to call them), riders that share amazing photos and stories with their bikes, and whom you should absolutely be following!


Navab is constantly touring on his Paratrooper Pro, and sharing breathtaking photos of the landscapes in India. Follow him on Instagram and don’t be surprised if you’re soon venturing into the wilderness by bike yourself after a serious case of FOMO.


Nadusha is an avid cyclist living in Saint Petersburg, Russia, putting daily miles on her Montague while exploring the local trails. Her pavement bike has been customized with a suspension fork and knobby tires to handle more rugged terrain, allowing her to share scenic photos along the Baltic Sea and all around Russia’s cultural center — and she’s always ready to strike a pose with her bike.


Some people have Instagram accounts for their dog, but we think this is far superior. Theregoeswaldo is an account specifically for a Montague bike, and you guessed it, his name is Waldo. Waldo is traveling all over the US, taking photos everywhere he goes, sometimes even with celebrities. We presume his owner is along for the ride, but you never know!


Based on their username, you might think it’s lonely out there seeing the world by bike, but it looks like a pretty good time to us. Lonelybiketour’s Montague FIT has been turned into a lightweight touring machine complete with Campagnolo wheels, an upgraded drivetrain, panniers, and frame packs. They’re traveling all over Japan by bike, from country roads and beaches to temples and cityscapes.
Did we forget your favorite Montague rider? Are you sharing photos and videos of your riding adventures and want to be featured here? Let us know in the comments and we’ll be sure to include the best contributions in Montague Rockstars Part 2.

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