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Spring Farmland Road Ride

If you happen to live near any farmland, I would encourage you to head in that direction when you’re seeking a route for your next bike ride. While it likely won’t provide any epic climbs, it’s usually light with traffic, sparsely populated with buildings, and full of beautiful views. If you’re lucky you’ll find some dirt roads too, which are always fun to ride.


Last week I set off into the farmlands of Western Massachusetts. After a very harsh winter in New England, this was one was of the first truly warm weekends of the spring so far.


South Amherst and Hadley are home to several small farms. While the fields weren’t a lush green just yet, there was the unmistakable feeling of spring in the air. While there aren’t large climbs around here, there are rolling hills which keep it interesting. 1000 feet of climbing in 20 miles was enough to warm up the legs.


The best parts of the ride were the dirt roads. With knobby 33mm tires and disc brakes, this is what my custom built Montague FIT was made for.


I recommend stopping by one of the local dairys for a mid-ride ice cream.


New friends.


Pictured is a grain silo which is filled with dried corn to feed the cows during winter. Many of the nearby fields grow corn with the very purpose of stocking these silos. Look closely, bicycle provided for scale.


First ride of the season without leg warmers, and that sun felt good.


After a great weekend of riding I was able to fold my Montague FIT for the car trunk and head back to Boston. Monday morning I was back to riding in busy city traffic on my way to Montague HQ, but it sure was nice to get away.


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Taipei Cycle Show Recap 2015

Montague just returned from the Taipei Cycle Show, the largest bicycle trade show in Asia. Bike manufacturers, component and accessory makers, distributors, and cycle press gather in Taipei, Taiwan every March to observe and create the latest trends in the bike business.

We were exhibiting our line of full-size folding bikes, but also had an opportunity to meet with many of our distributors, suppliers, and new business contacts. As always, our stay in Taiwan was filled with great food, great company, and fun times. Take a look at the gallery below!

Taipei-compilation-1After traveling for nearly 24 hours on our journey from Boston to Taipei, our first priority was food.

taipei-booth-1After a day of setting up, the show hall opened it’s doors to the bike industry.


IMG_4383The streets of Taipei are full of culture.


taipei-bbq-compilationFlame on!

taipei-show-crowdTaipei Cycle Show is a 4 day convention, and it was packed this year.

taipei-show-fun-with-ryanOur Sales Manager, Jonathan having some fun with a larger than life Montague rider.

taipei-show-new-friendDave Montague with our new friend, Ryan Wang from the Taiwan ROC Army Airborne. Thanks for coming to hang out! We’re happy to have you riding a Montague!

ryan-wang-folding-bikeRyan’s customized Montague.

taipei-backroom-surprisesThe backroom of the Montague booth held some surprises, which will be unveiled to the public later this year. Keep an eye out!

taichung-cityscapeWe also traveled to Taichung to visit with some of our suppliers in the days following the show.

bullet-train-to-taichungWe had 1 free day before we left, so we took the high speed rail down to Tainan to visit a friend.


Christopher, an ex-pat living in Tainan operates a charter with his sailboat. We went out on one of his charters for a day on the water. It was cloudy, but we had a great time sailing the Strait of Taiwan! You can find Chris at Anping Sailing Co.

We had another successful year at the Taipei Cycle Show. Be sure to come visit us next March!

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    Very nice article regarding folding bikes. I do cycling but never used this type of bikes.

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Custom Montague Folding Bikes

With full size wheels and standard components, Montague bikes not only deliver the best ride quality and performance of any folding bike on the market, they also allow for complete customization. Montague riders from all over the world express themselves through their bikes with aftermarket parts, colorful accessories, and even complete builds from our individual framesets.

Here are some of our favorite custom folding bikes.

Velo Orange components on Boston - Beagle Bicycle Co

Single speed Boston by Beagle Bicycle Co., Burlington, ON

tiko-mulya-boston-8-editBoston 8 by Tiko Mulya

Henry Lam Chi Hang Customized Fit

FIT by Henry Lam Chi Hang, Hong Kong

Fit gravel bike - BEagle Bicycle

FIT gravel racer by Beagle Bicycle Co., Burlington, ON


Crosstown by Mark Chiu

Ron J ReyesParatrooper Pro by Ron Reyes, San Francisco


Custom Paratrooper Pro for Thai Police Patrol

327088_433121716755552_1775451087_oParatrooper by Kei Kei Thx, Hong Kong

Paratrooper Roger Cave

Paratrooper by Roger Cave, Australia


X70 by Thana Setchaiyan


X70 touring rig by Alessandro Zeggio, Italy


FIT by 林志成‎, Taiwan

FIT-gravel-4x3FIT gravel bike, Boston MA


Disc brake Crosstown by Samuele Polentes Della Vega


Have you customized your Montague folding bike? Share it with the Montague community on our Facebook page at



  1. Robert De Palma
    Posted April 9, 2015 at 12:04 pm | Permalink

    Why dont you make a FATBIKE version of THE PARATROOPER? JUST DO IT!!!!!

  2. brian lindsay
    Posted April 9, 2015 at 5:07 pm | Permalink

    how about a touring bike, complete with racks.

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