Two Montague X70 folding bike's loading into Cessna

Getting ready to load X70's into Cessna 172. Photo copyright

Montague customers continually amaze me with the stories they so graciously share with us. We hear from people all over the world who use their Montague bikes on all kinds of adventures.

Here are just a few of the adventures we’ve heard about recently.


Bob bought his Montague SwissBike LX that he could keep in his RV and also wanted the ability to add an electric conversion kit.  In addition to the electric conversion kit he added a suspension seat post, upgraded the front shock and added a bike bag carrier (because all of our bikes are full size with industry standard components it’s easy to customize your bike and make it your own.

Bob is 66 years young and let us know he rides just about every day for everything from running errands to taking it off-road on mountain bike trails. He says his car and previous bike are getting a lot less use now!


Oliver recently wrote a guest post for the Folding Bike Blog, and from his most recent note to us hasn’t slowed down a bit. His latest adventure including packing his two X70’s into his Cessna 172 and battled 30 MPH winds (in the plane and on the bikes!), flying to Seymour, TX and having a little lunch at the acclaimed Rock Inn Cafe before heading back home.


Alain currently lives in Switzerland and has traveled his folding bike all over Europe. From using it to commute to business meetings in London, to touring through the Pyrenees to even riding it on a glacier in Chamonix France!

Alain reports to us that he and his Montague have been to London, Paris, Italy and the French Riviera and I’m sure will continue his adventures. He doesn’t sound like one who can sit still for long!


An accomplished cyclist and long-distance triathlete, Chris has spent time racing bikes in Europe and is also accomplished long-distance triathlete. We’ve written about Chris before on the Folding Bike Blog, and as we described him in our first post, he’s an athlete and continues to do great humanitarian work.

Chris’ folding bike of choice is the Paratrooper and has put it to good use helping him to get around doing volunteer work in Bolivia, New Guinea and now the Philippines. You can keep up with Chris’ latest adventures on his blog.


Keith has taken a stock Boston and made it his own.  His list of customizations continues to grow and you can keep up with his project here.

He recently completed a 62 kilometer ride (that’s 38.5 miles!) with a top speed of 48.2 kilometers/hour (or 30 MPH!), on a single-speed!

Want to share your latest adventure? Send us an e-mail to marketing (at) montaguebikes (dot) com.

Ride Safe!

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