‘Tis the season for gift giving and if you’re buying for a cyclist, you already know they’re particular about their cycling gear. Here are our top picks this holiday season.

Bike Lights

It seems you can never have too many. If you don’t have enough for all your bikes, you inevitably ride off without them only to regret it later, or your friend needs to borrow one for their ride home and you don’t have an extra. Not to mention they get lost or stolen over time. Seriously, they’re like socks in the dryer. Where do all my bike lights go?

For a relatively inexpensive option to have on hand, I like the Blackburn 2’Fer Lights. Each light has both red and white modes so either one can act as a front or rear. They’re lightweight, their mount can wrap around almost anything, and they’re USB rechargeable. If you need to fully illuminate the path ahead, you’ll need something a bit more powerful. Check out the Blackburn Central 650 front. It’s also available in a set with the Central 50 rear.

Brooks Saddle

Brooks is an iconic maker of leather saddles from England. They’ve been making leather goods since 1866 and they’re known by cyclists the world over for their quality, comfort, and durability. Go for the classic leather B17, or for a more modern lighter weight option, try the Cambium series made from vulcanized natural rubber and an organic cotton top.

Action Camera

This is a great gift for those cyclists who like to document their rides. Take them from editing phone pics for Instagram to editing 4K video. It’s especially great for mountain bikers as they can easily capture the most intense action with mounting options for the helmet, chest, or handlebars. GoPro essentially invented this category and they’re still the leader, especially with the release of their new Hero 6 which offers 4K video at 60 fps. However, there are other less expensive options that are quickly catching up, like Garmin VIRB or TomTom Bandit.

Smart Helmet

We’ve recommended helmets as gifts for cyclists int he past, but this year consider a smart helmet. These are helmets that incorporate new smart technology, often pairing with a phone to deliver an integrated, feature rich, and hopefully safer riding experience. Some features include built-in microphones, speakers, lights, turn signals, and crash detection. This is a completely new segment in the bike industry so expect to see many more options in the near future. For now, take a look at the Coros Linx, the Livall Bling, and the Lumos.

Split Finger or “Lobster” Gloves (for the all-season rider)

If your cyclist rides in cold weather, there’s nothing that keeps fingers warmer than lobster claw gloves. Even the thickest 5 finger gloves can fall short in very cold weather and mittens make it nearly impossible to manipulate brake levers and shifters. Enter the lobster claw. With two fingers in each compartment, they share heat and stay nice and toasty. Our 4 recommendations are Louis Garneau , Gore Apparel , Pearl Izumi and Craft.

RackStand – 4 in 1 Bike Rack

RackStand is a traditional rear cargo rack, fender, kickstand, and work stand all in one. The rack with integrated mud guard mounts on a standard quick release rear wheel and has the ability to rotate under the rear wheel to act as a kick stand. Drivetrain and brake adjustments are made easy with the rear wheel off the ground in the lowered position.

Ortlieb Panniers

Panniers are the perfect complement to RackStand. We like Ortlieb because they’re super high quality, durable, waterproof if you choose, and can be removed easily and quickly with their attachment systems. Having the weight of your cargo on the bike rather than your back makes a world of difference. Take one commute without that messenger bag or backpack and you won’t go back.

Montague Navigator

Montague makes full-size folding bikes that deliver performance superior to their small wheel competitors. Their 700c, 26″, and 27.5″ wheel bikes deliver the ride you expect from a true road or mountain bike while still folding in seconds for the car trunk, train, or closet.

The Navigator is an extremely versatile 700c model made for everything from commuting and leisure to adventure touring on gravel and dirt roads. It comes equipped with 35mm tires and disc brakes for mixed terrain, 27-speeds, RackStand with fenders, and Montague’s tool-free adjustable handlebar system to allow for a comfortable position no matter what.

Stocking Stuffers

Repair Necessities

For cyclists who do their own repairs, there are a few things they will always need more of (at least eventually). These are the ‘consumable’ necessities like patch kits, tubes, and lubricant. They’re small and inexpensive, but will be appreciated. Perfect for a stocking stuffer!

Happy Holidays!

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