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The Navigator is a multi-use folding bike with standard 700c wheels and all the bells and whistles. Knobby 35mm tires, 27 speeds, and disc brakes has it at home on paved or un-paved roads.

The included RackStand which acts as a cargo carrier, kickstand, fender, and folded bike stand also makes it perfect for commuting and touring. An adjustable handlebar stem ensures you’re always comfortable. The Navigator is perfect for daily commuting, gravel grinding, or setting off into the world on an adventure.



Frame Sizes

• Small – 17″: For riders 4’8″ – 5’2″.
Standover height is 27.63″
• Medium – 19″: For riders 5’3″ – 5’10”.
Standover height is 28.25″
• Large – 21″: For riders 5’11” – 6’4″.
Standover height is 28.25″

The Essentials

• Speeds: 27
• Wheel Size: 700c
• Folded Size: 36″x28″x12″
• Approx Weight: 29.5lbs

Great For

• Commuting
• Touring
• All weather riding
• Unpaved surfaces
Montague Navigator Folding Bike

Disc Brakes

The Navigator is equipped with disc brakes
They offer quicker response, more stopping
power, and better performance in wet
weather than traditional rim brakes.


Navigator Disc Brakes Closeup

Disc Brakes

The Navigator is equipped with disc brakes. They offer quicker response, more stopping power, and better performance in wet weather than traditional rim brakes.

Why a Folding Bike?

Folding bikes fit your lifestyle. Having the ability to fold your bike into a compact package in seconds allows you to store it easily in the home or office, and travel anywhere with your bike. It can fit in the car trunk, on the bus or train, and is perfect for your next trip.

Why Montague?

We set out to create the highest performance folding bikes in the world. All Montague bikes use full-size wheels, standard components, and a folding design that doesn’t break any of the frame’s tubing. Our focus has always been on perfecting ride quality, handling, and comfort.

27 Speeds

The Navigator is equipped with a
27 speed drivetrain to provide the
perfect gear ratio in any situation
be it steep climbs or fast descents.

Navigator Octagon Closeup

27 Speeds

The Navigator is equipped with a 27 speed drivetrain to provide the perfect gear ratio in any situation, be it steep climbs or fast descents.
“Montague have been producing top notch bicycles for many years now and are veterans of the scene, this is no different here.

We tested this gorgeous model throughout the city and also out into the more “mountainous” countryside surrounding my home too. At no point did I find it taxing to cycle anywhere, wherever I needed to dismount and put the bike away – I managed to do so in under 20 seconds.

I genuinely believe that the Montague Navigator is one of, if not the, best folding bike for commuting.”

Folding Bike Guy


The Navigator is equipped with RackStand,
a traditional cargo rack, kickstand,
workstand, and folded bike stand all in one.

Navigator RackStand Closeup


The Navigator is equipped with RackStand, a traditional cargo rack, kickstand, workstand, and folded bike stand all in one.


Color Midnight Blue
Frame Custom drawn 6061 Series Aluminum with DirectConnect System.  Replaceable derailleur hanger and disc mount.
Fork Full Cro-Mo, with disc mounts and ramped dropout.
Rims 700c Alloy. 32 hole, double wall. Black.
Tires Kenda Khan 700c x 35mm semi-knobby.
Hubset Formula, Alloy, quick release. Disc ready.
Spokes 14 Gauge
Saddle Zena Comfort.
Seatpost 30.0 X 300mm Alloy.
Handlebars Alloy, 30mm rise. 600mm wide.
Stem Angle adjustable stem.
Shifters Shimano Sora for Flat Handlebar. 3-Speed Left. 9-Speed Right.
Front Derailleur Shimano top pull for triple crankset.
Rear Derailleur Shimano Sora. 9-Speed.
Crankset SR Suntour. 48/38/28. Alloy 175mm crank arm (170mm on 17″ frame)
Rear Cogs 11-25T
Speeds 27 Speeds
Brakeset Tektro mechanical disc brakes.
Pedals Trekking pedal with all-weather non-slip tread.
Bottom Bracket Sealed Cartridge
Other RackStand rear rack with fenders.
Frame Sizes 17″, 19”, 21”
Folded Size 36” x 28” x 12”
Weight 29lbs
MSRP $1195.00
**Specifications and prices subject to change without notice. Bike specifications and prices for your country may differ. We do our best to ensure that the listed specifications accurately reflect the parts found on our folding bikes. Even so, we may have to change the component specifications from time to time. We do our best to make sure that all component substitutions are of equal performance and cosmetics as those listed . Also our international distributors often ask us to modify components to better suit their local markets. Please contact your local distributor for information about bikes in your area.
Montague Bikes life time warranty icon

Lifetime Warranty

We are so confident in our folding frame design that we offer a lifetime warranty so you can feel confident too. Frames and non-suspension forks are covered for the life of the bike’s original owner.
Montague Navigator 30 days return policy icon

30 Day Return Policy

A bike purchased directly from Montague comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you’re unsatisfied with your bike in those 30 days, it can be returned for a full refund minus shipping costs.

19 reviews for Navigator

  1. A. Lucero

    Great bike. It’s built to take a licking. I am sure it will be very reliable.

  2. Ladd Smith

    The more I use this bike, the more I like it. Maybe not the lightest compared to my other non-folding road, cross and mtn. bikes, still not too heavy and the frame is as stiff as the others (absolutely no flex or play that I can detect); the brakes, shifters work well and the bike is very comfortable to ride. Construction is first rate, very solid. Only thing I changed was putting SPD pedals on and a Sella Italia Flite that I had lying around (although the stock seat is comfortable and actually very light). The rear rack, which doubles as a stand is genius.

  3. DCOR

    Just purchased this bike and I love it. The bike is a dream with many wonderful secrets, like a woman. Handle it with loving respect and pay attention to it needs, both of them will be true to you. My first Montague Folding bike was sold under the Schwinn name, it’s a 1993 Bi-Frame. I have used it all over the North & Central America, it still is my favorite after having many other bikes at the same time and never had a problem with Montague. Montague makes a great bike that takes you to places of your dreams, on any ride off road to pavement.

  4. S. Coughlin

    3 months of usage and I haven’t had any major problems. I’ve ridden through mud and rain, rocks and more than a few glass-littered shoulders with the confidence that only a folding bike can provide. It’s great going long distances alone and in the dark knowing that you’re ready for anything that the road can throw at you.

    It took a while, but the full folding feature was finally truly revealed. On a hot day with a long trip ahead of me, I found myself bonking out with not enough time to rest before getting to an appointment. So I decided to implement my backup plan: I called an Uber cab and threw the Montague in the trunk. The driver was surprised but glad to help, and it made the ride rather enjoyable.

    This confidence has made my 40+ mile commute a pleasure. No more worrying about getting stuck in the middle of nowhere. No more triple-backup tubes and spare folded tire. No more excuse making! So I’ve been able to get out and go like never before–which has lead me to now being in the best health I’ve known since my college years.

    Montague plus Uber makes life grand indeed.

  5. SteveJ

    I’ve had the Navigator for 6 months. I use it for commuting and for trekking. It is excellent on gravel and it has all you could want with the Rackstand, disc brakes and an adjustable stem. I highly recommend this bike.

  6. Stuart J in Philly

    Love my Navigator. It is an awesome commuter bike. The 35mm 700c tires are perfect for my commute because I go through some sketchy areas with lots of potholes, and (unfortunately) broken glass. I have had two flats, but otherwise I’ve done nothing to my bike after many hundreds of miles of commuting. I’d definitely recommend it.

  7. Joejoecool99

    I saw it in the store – sat on it and loved it!!! I left the store and had to go back the next day because I could not quit thinking about this bike!!! It rides better than my Specialized Allez – which admittedly needs some work, but the Navigator just feels better. I love the rack – kickstand – killer idea.

  8. jose a serrano

    very good bicycle I like it very much.

  9. pete ellis

    I bought this bike to take with me on my yacht. Bought 2 of them. Incredible bikes and store so easily. You cannot believe they are fold up bikes and full size…awesome. People on the docks stop me and ask about the bikes. So easy to use and great to ride. This bike is the BEST!!!!!! If you are thinking about buying…do not hesitate. They do the job.

  10. Raul

    Love this bike! It’s a full size that I can use to go anywhere cycling and I can also fold to take up my flat once the day is over (no one wants to leave a bike in the streets of London!).
    Ranking it only 4* and not 5* due to the fact that in England no one seems to know about this bike… as an example, got the bike in December 2016. Went to a major bike store and the guy told me that the header seemed to be a bit loose, but this could be caused because it’s a folding bike… been taking my bike to different shops (major and small workshops) and there was no consensus… people telling me that the stem system was missing a part, people telling me that I had to replace the whole headset, people telling me that the wobbly headset is normal in folding bikes… but no one really knew what was wrong…
    After a lot of research, hours of YouTube and hours reading on cycling blogs, I have now managed to fix the wobbly/loose/broken headset… all it needed was to be reinstalled using a headset press! But no one in England knew that.
    So, great bike, but very little support in major or minor workshops, which makes life a bit more complicated.
    Other than that, I have not had any other issues, really love this bike 🙂
    @Montague, take it as a constructive feedback. Your product is fantastic, just need to make sure that major retailers know your systems… people in England are very surprised when they see the Octagon system, the rackstand turning into an actual stand, etc. Very sure if more retailers were aware of your products and systems in England, this bike would take over the market!

  11. Duane

    Fits perfectly in the luggage area of the company jet. When we travel I bring it with me to both excersize and explore..

  12. Bob Bartok

    Bought the Navigator a week ago and am in love with the bike. The folding mechanism is solid. When together you would never know it was a folding bike. Fits into my Subaru Outback perfectly. The handlebar adjustment is a great feature it allows for adjustment so I can ride in a more upright position which is easier on my back and neck. Snappy acceleration, I use the lower gear sprocket for some off road hills and dales. By the way the tires are great for unpaved bike trail. They keep the bike on a solid path with no noticeable side slip. Lets not forget about the rear rack-bike stand. Just use your foot to lower the rack and you have a bike-service stand. It also helps when taking the front wheel on and off. Very versatile bike.

  13. Sam North

    The bike seems to be very well made. To simplify folding we just put the front wheel in a separate bag. Trying to keep it with the bike as shown on some videos is really awkward. If you need a bike to fit in a specific small space, do not rely on the folded dimensions shown for the bike. Just note that, for example, Montague claims that the Navigator folds to 36” x 28” x 12”. That’s remarkable, given the 29″ diameter of the wheels.

  14. Richard Plough

    Upgraded from a Boston – a great, virtually indestructible bike I used a lot for the past five years. The Navigator is a bit bulkier with a few more things to attend to when folding, but what a great ride. The adjustable stem for the handle bars is perfect for putting you in just the right position for comfortable cruising. I replaced the seat, but everything else worked very well. I have a co-motion Nor’westr road bike that I would normally use for my round trip (as opposed to one way) commutes. However, the Navigator is so comfortable it just might nudge the Nor’westr aside on more than a few round trip commutes.

  15. Randy

    Love the bike and like all bikes i’ve owned, hated the seat. I got a different seat that works for me. I’ve got several hundred miles on the bike now. No real issues except with the seat that i purchased somewhere else. Bike is amazing.

  16. David

    Great bike and great service. I am 6′-5″ and 240 lbs and I grew weary of being teased when I road my 20 inch folding bike. So I am very happy with my upgrade to a 21 inch frame Navigator. I still get the ability to fold it and put it in my trunk and the “hey circus bear” taunts have been replaced by “where did you get that cool bike? ” The bike is very solid, rolls smoothly, shifts easily and just looks great. Also, I want to give a “shout out” to Jonathan from Montague for his great service during the COVID-19 crisis. Stay safe everybody.

  17. Richard Howard

    I love my Montague Navigator. It’s great for just putting in the boot of the car and heading off on an adventure. My only disappointment is that Montague chose not to fit the Octagon stem to later models. I really could have done with it to help ease my aching hands. Also it really needs calibration marks on the seat post to simplify setting of the seat height. I find it strange they haven’t included this as standard on a foldaway bike.

  18. brian wordell

    I’m a truck driver I’ve ridden this bike in 18 different states so far. It stores easy for me since I spend most of my time in a semi. I did replace the seat and I replaced the pedals for folding pedals and I added 2 baskets for the cargo rack for when I do my grocery shopping this bike isn’t just a fun workout, it’s grown into a tool that I use for my job.

  19. Marian

    My Navigator has been the perfect commuting partner for 8 years: easy to fold and store inside; light but sturdy; smooth, quick ride. (Also nice for dropping into the car to take to a bike trail for a fun ride.) The adjustable Octagon handlebars allows for a fast low ride or an upright ride to enjoy the scenery. I retrofitted my bike with the rack/stand device as soon as that come out and appreciate it a lot. Thank you Montague!

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