Here at Montague, we know that our bikes can be something of a conversation starter. While they have the same ride quality as non-folding bikes, the double top-tube on the pavement bikes and the thicker mono tube on the mountain bikes do draw some attention, inquisitive looks, and questions.

People want to know why the bike looks a little different. Of course, the bike looks different because it folds. Although it has full-size wheels, it still folds down to about 3’x3’x1’, small enough to fit in a car trunk or a closet, or take on the train during rush hour. It’s the innovative frame design that allows the bikes to fold, and ride like they don’t.

Montague Folding Bikes vs. Pop Culture

I didn’t think there was much out there that could top Montague folding bikes in terms of performance and portability – until I saw these awesome drawings by Mike Joos (you can check out his blog). I mean, sure, you can fold a Montague in under 20 seconds – but check out this drawing:

Photo courtesy of Mike Joos

Iron Man on a palm laser bike? We think we do pretty well in terms of compact folding size, but Iron Man – he might have us beat on this front. He can suck the bike right back into his hand for the ultimate in portability.

And in terms of performance? You can get up a good head of speed on a Montague folding bike – but with Millennium Falcon wheels, you can make the jump to light speed.

Photo courtesy of Mike Joos.

And while we’re always working to improve our technology, we just don’t have anything like that to offer…yet.

And then there’s this bike – giving new meaning to the phrase “Stop on a Dime”.

Photo courtesy of Mike Joos

Although considering FDR suffered from polio, I’m not sure he’d be able to ride a bike at all, but let’s hope he makes a stunning recovery.

Montague does have advantages over some of these cultural icons on bikes. For instance, if I know Cookie Monster, those wheels aren’t likely to make it too far.

Photo courtesy of Mike Joos.

But he’d probably be able to replace them at the nearest bakery, provided that he can stop himself from eating those too. Baking industry standard part, perhaps?

What’s your favourite combination of cycling and pop culture? Any other cultural icons you’d like to see on a bike? What would you do for the bike or wheels?

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