Folding Mountain Bikes

Our roots are off road. We know how to pick lines, keep our weight back, knees bent and rail corners with the best of them. Our line of mountain bikes offer a snappy responsive ride that rivals some of the best hardtails around.

X90 folding bike open

Swissbike X90

With a stiff frame and snappy ride, the X90 beckons to the avid rider who demands both performance and portability. MSRP: $2449.00

X70 folding bike open

Swissbike X70

The X70 is built for after-work rides on your favorite trails and full-on weekend excursions up in the mountains. MSRP: $1195.00

Swissbike X50 folding bike open

Swissbike X50

With front suspension and all terrain tires, the X50 makes for the perfect light trail bike or rugged commuter. MSRP: $629.95

Paratrooper Pro folding bike open

Paratrooper Pro

Building on the classic Paratrooper, the Paratrooper Pro takes your mountain biking to the next level. MSRP: $995.00

Paratrooper folding bike open


A classic from Montague, the Paratrooper is built to be tough, rugged, and ready for anything. MSRP: $849.95

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