Put the Bicycle in Balance

Recently, the Danish daily Newspaper, Berlingske Tidende or BT compared 6 different folding bicycles in the article, “Put cyklen I ba” by Hans Uffe Christensen. 6 models of folding bicycles were rated along various dimensions, including price, size, value, portability and performance, and both Montague models included in the comparison, the Paratrooper Pro and the Crosstown, received 5 out of 6 stars (the highest score of any of the bikes in the review). The Paratrooper Pro was also rated Best Mountain Bike and the Crosstown, Best Commuter Bike. Thanks BT! We’re glad you like our folding bikes!

Danish Bicycle Culture

And when it comes to bicycles, the Danish sure know what they’re talking about: Copenhagen alone has close to 250 miles of lanes designated for bicycle travel, and there’s over 6000 miles of bike lanes and paths in the country. In 2010, Copenhagen was voted Best City for Cyclists, and over 1/3 of the population commutes by bike. In fact, Denmark is home to an estimated 4 million bikes.

BT Reviewer with folding bikes - note the Crosstown right in front!

But the article is motivated by more than the Danish love for bicycles. There is a proposal by the Copenhagen city council to levy a toll on cars entering the city – a toll so high that many commuters may be forced to reconsider their commuting habits. The solution? Folding bicycles – they fit right into the trunk of any car (even a Montague folding bike, which, when unfolded, is the same size as a non-folding bike, can fit in back of a Smart Car or in the trunk of a Mini Cooper). So if you work in Copenhagen but live too far from work to ride the whole way in, you can park and pedal: drive as far as you can/want, park before the toll, and then take advantage of the wonderful bike infrastructure and finish commuting on your folding bike.

Paratrooper Pro: Best Mountain Bike

The reviewer rides the Paratrooper Pro.

The reviewer admires the Paratrooper Pro for its full-size wheels, and notes that it rides and handles just like a non-folding bicycle. He is impressed with the quality of components on the bike, which include front and rear disc brakes, a Suntour suspension fork with 100mm of travel and lockout, and Sram X-7 shifters and derailleurs. He also likes the range of gears on the bike and how compact it is when folded, which is especially remarkable when you consider it has full-size 26” wheels.

Crosstown: Best Commuter Bike

The Reviewer tests out the Crosstown

The reviewer is pleased with the smooth ride of the Crosstown and with the bike’s construction (how it folds without cutting any of the structural tubing) – it is these considerations, along with its full-size wheels, that earn the Crosstown the title of Best Commuter Bike. He says that he enjoys riding the Crosstown so much that if time permitted, he would ride the Crosstown all the way to work instead of doing a combination car/bike commute.

Let us Hear from You!

Have you ever visited Copenhagen or elsewhere in Denmark? Did you do any bike riding while you were there? Do you do a multi-modal commute already? If so, which folding bike do you ride?


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