Fold and Go!

I love the folding bicycles

That are made by Montague,

They’re so easy to just fold and go

That you might want one too.

I love my bike’s performance

And I love that it is portable,

And compared to similar non-folding bikes,

It’s so light and so affordable.

But my bike can fold up too,

Getting on the train with a folded Montague Fit.

Though you’d never know it from the ride –

And when I get to where I’m going,

I bring it with me when I go inside.

It was sunny when I rode to work,

But then it started to rain.

So I folded up the bike and took it home,

During rush hour, on the train.

I can take it over dips and bumps

It’s such an easy bike to fold,

Just a simple quick release,

And thanks to patented F.I.T. technology,

The structural tubes are in one piece.

I love how the bike handles

And how smooth my ride feels.

I can take it over dips and bumps

Due to its having full-size wheels.

With so many different models,

Velo Love

There’s sure to be one you’ll like

And once you take it for a ride,

You can’t help but love this folding bike.

My full-size folding bicycle

Is just lovely as can be –

But then you can’t spell “velo”

Without L-O-V-and-E!

Tell us what you love about your Montague folding bike!