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Are you ready for a full-size mountain bike (MTB) that is rugged, all terrain and it just happens to fold?

Designed by Montague Corporation which is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, the Paratrooper military-grade MTB and Swissbike range of MTB’s are the world’s only full-size high-performance mountain bikes that can fold to fit in the trunk of a compact car.

Whatever your vehicle: sedan or SUV etc, in under 30 seconds, your bike can be locked safely in the boot – no tools, no roof rack, no hassle!


In 1997, under a grant from US’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Montague Bikes partnered with the US Marines to develop the Tactical No Signature MTB using a new folding bike frame design integrating the F.I.T (Folding Integrated Technology) system.  The non-electric version, named the Paratrooper, soon became available thereafter.

The F.I.T system allows a full-size, high performance MTB to fold so that it could fit through the aircraft cargo door with an airborne ranger and be used as ground transportation on light armoured vehicles and in battlefield reporting.

Devised to endure harsh terrains, the Paratrooper Tactical Folding MTB is equipped with front suspension, 24-speed SRAM X-5 shifters, and heavy duty double cage aluminum pedals to tackle rough terrain.

SWISSBIKE – lifestyle MTB

Like its military brother, the lifestyle range of Montague Bikes known as SwissBikes are equally sturdy and robust.  Like the Paratrooper, the SwissBike mountain bike range also folds simply without the use of tools – just by turning one quick lever, it folds under 30 seconds into a 36”x28”x12” pack without any tools and ready for your car boot.

Both the Paratrooper and SwissBikes use only standard full-size bicycle geometry.  These bikes also use all standard top tube lengths, head tube angles, seat tube angles and chain stay lengths.  Their frame is made of state of the art custom drawn 7005 series, aircraft grade aluminum tubing that are welded and finished with a 5-layer anti-corrosion finishing process.  All this adds up to a tremendous ride quality only found on Montague bikes use all standard mountain bike wheels and components serviceable at any bike shop.

Whether you are a HDB dweller, a student or just space-constrained, the Paratrooper and Swissbike range of mountain bikes offer you a high-performance ride with the added convenience of portability and stowability!  Gone are the days of leaving your bike locked outside at the mercy of thieves and the weather.  Your Paratrooper and Swissbike can be folded neatly into a carrying case and stored in a closet or under a bed or office desk.

If you’re looking for a bike that’s tough enough for off roads but perfect for city streets, the SwissBike TX will satisfy your hunger to ride.

The TX 21-Speed MTB comes with front suspension, disc brakes, Shimano gears and Gripshift shifters is a great all-around bike for anyone who wants a comfortable ride at an unbeatable price.

Rugged and rough, the SwissBike LX tackles the trails aggressively yet effortlessly with front suspension, 24-speed EZ Fire Plus shifters, and a front disc brake.

Made to endure almost any terrain at high speed, the SwissBike XO Military Mountain Bike is as strong as a tank, light as daypack.  It is an aggressive hard tail that can be ridden anywhere.  This 27-speed bike comes equipped with a hand welded aluminum frame, Sram X-O Trigger Shifters, hydraulic front disc brake and Rockshox Recon front fork.  Mountains, hills, off-road, city streets – bring it on!

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