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RackStand is a new concept in bicycle rack technology. It is a luggage carrier, mudguard, kickstand, and work stand all in one. When paired with a Montague folding bike, it also acts as a stand for the bike while folded, making it even easier to store your bike.

A patented design allows the flip of a lever to rotate RackStand under the rear wheel. When in the lowered position, RackStand acts as a kickstand to hold the bike or a work stand to make easy drivetrain adjustments.

Matching front fender included.

COMPATIBILITY: RackStand is only compatible with Montague bikes from 2012 to present that have a quick release rear axle. In addition, Montague bikes from 2012-2015 require a replacement frame collar. If you are unsure if RackStand will work with your bike, please call us at 800-736-5348 before ordering.


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Included with RackStand:

• Latch and Mounting Bracket
• Replacement Quick Release Skewer
• Front Fender

2 reviews for RackStand

  1. sugarman_rick

    Great addition to my Paratrooper Express. I wanted a rack mainly for adding bags to the bike and this seemed like the easiest installation since its made specifically for Montague, but the fact that it folds down and can support the folded bike is amazing. Makes storing it so much easier.

  2. Dana413

    The rack works great and I love using it. Giving 4 stars only because it’s not compatible with my other bike which is a Boston. Any chance you’ll make one that works with that bike?

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