If you’re looking for a high performance folding e-bike, Montague is now offering the Crosstown and Boston equipped with the Copenhagen Wheel hub motor from fellow Cambridge, MA based Superpedestrian. The future of urban transportation is here.

A 350 Watt motor and 48 Volt lithium ion battery are both sealed inside the hub of the Copenhagen Wheel. There’s no wires, throttles, or external batteries. Choose your level of assistance with an iOS or Android app and the hub does the rest, providing extra torque when rider input is detected. The on-board diagnostic system measures rider torque, power, and cassette rotation speed and responds in just 10 milliseconds creating a smooth and enjoyable riding experience from the moment you push down on the pedals.

Superpedestrian Copenhagen Wheel Expanded Parts View

Average range on a single charge is 30 miles but three modes are available with the touch of a button; Turbo, Standard, and Eco which can help extend your range when you don’t need the maximum assistance. With any mode, backpedaling will engage regenerative braking to not only slow you down but slightly recharge the battery as well.

Your smartphone supplies battery information, ride metrics, and provides security as the digital key to unlock and activate your hub. This powerful and easy to use system combined with the unique design of a Montague folding bike offers the most portable and versatile e-bike on the market.

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