RackStand is a rear bike rack that acts as a cargo carrier with built in fender and rotates under the rear wheel to act as a kickstand and assist in folding. It is now available separately and is compatible with any Montague bikes from 2012 to present that have a quick release rear wheel. Below are instructions for installation. In just a few minutes you can enjoy the benefits of RackStand with your Montague.

The first step is to remove the existing wheel quick release. Open the lever, unscrew the end nut on the opposite side, and slide the skewer out of the hub.

RackStand comes with a longer replacement quick release skewer that includes two spacers that the rack will mount on. Remove the end nut, spring, and shorter spacer (shown on the right in the photo above).

Slide the skewer through the axle with the lever and large spacer on the drive side of the bike. Put the small spacer and spring back on the other side of the skewer and thread the end nut on.

Ensure all the parts are at the right position.

You can now slide the RackStand into place as shown above. You may need to spread the dropouts of the rack slightly to get them into place. The spacers should be between the rack dropouts and the bike frame.

It is important to ensure that the ends of the spacers are fully seated inside the rack dropouts.

Next, adjust the quick release to the proper tension. Open and close the lever with one hand while gradually tightening the end nut with the other. Continue tightening until you feel resistance on the lever at the mid-point of its travel. It should leave an imprint on the palm of your hand when closing.

Your Rackstand is now attached to the rear wheel. The next step is to attach the latch that the front of the rack will clip into.

If your Montague bike is a 2016 model or later, the latch can be installed on the existing seat tube collar.

Position the latch over the flange on the back of the frame collar. Install the bolt through the latch and opening in the frame collar and tighten the nut on the opposite side to 5 Nm.

For Montague bikes from 2012 to 2015, you will have to complete an additional step before installing the latch. A replacement frame collar is needed which is available for purchase from Montague directly.

Remove the old frame collar by loosening the bolt in the rear and sliding it up.

Next, slide the replacement collar down over the seat tube. It should have the tightening bolt toward the front of the bike and the flange with the hole facing the rear.

Ensure the collar is down all the way against the frame bushings and while applying downward pressure to the collar, tighten the bolt to 15Nm. The latch can now be installed on the new collar as shown in the steps above.

The last step of the installation is to adjust the arms on the front of the RackStand to ensure they line up with the latch.

Rotate RackStand into the up position to check alignment. If the rack does not rotate freely around the axle, make sure the spacers on the skewer are fully seated inside the rack dropouts.

Rack arms are adjusted by loosening the bolts holding the arms to either side of the rack, sliding them to the desired position and re-tightening the bolts. The arms should meet the latch on the upper half of the lever for the best engagement.

Push the rack forward and it should click into place. To make sure it’s locked in, simply pull back on the rack. It should not come out of the latch.

Your Rackstand is now installed to your Montague bike! By rotating the rack down you have a kickstand, a workstand to make drivetrain adjustments, and a stand to store your bike while folded.

Before riding, check the the rear wheel is secure. With the rack in the lowered position, lift the rear wheel off the ground and give the top of the tire a few sharp downward strikes. It should not wobble or come off. If you have any questions or doubts about your installation, take your bike to a professional mechanic.

Happy riding!

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