Brent Rose is a lead tech writer at Gizmodo, one of the most popular design and technology blogs in the world. He has set out on what he’s calling the Connected States tour, living in a high tech van upgraded with the latest gadgets, and in search of stories. Science and tech stories, but also outdoor adventure and travel stories. Alongside the solar power cells, cutting edge security system, and on board computer in the Vista Cruiser is another high tech necessity: the Montague X90 folding mountain bike.



Having a high performance mountain bike on board allows for transportation, recreation, and a way to get some extra exercise while out on the road. With the limited space in a situation like this a Montague is the only option that can stow out of the way in the van’s storage compartment.




Brent is an experienced mountain biker and has truly been putting the X90 to the test. He’s been riding single track around the country, complete with a day of riding the Noquemanon Trail Network in Marquette, MI, with a few scars to show from the experience. You’re not really sending it unless you have a few bumps and bruises after a day of riding.


Follow the Connected States tour at and look for featured posts on Gizmodo. We’ll be sharing all Brent’s adventures with the X90, but you can see a lot more from his incredible journey featuring everything from kayaking from Cuba to Florida to riding in Redbull stunt planes. If you want to see more details on his van, checked out the video below from Wired Mag:

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