Regardless of what holiday you celebrate, you’ll probably find yourself giving a few gifts this time of year. If you’re wondering what to get for the cyclist in your life, we have some suggestions based on our favorite products.

Cycling Themed Espresso or Coffee Cups

It’s no secret that there’s a borderline obsession with coffee among cyclists. Coffee shops are often meeting places for group rides, more and more bike shop cafes are popping up around the world, and it makes the perfect pre and post-ride beverage. For the caffeine addict these mugs representing the four jersey classifications of the Tour de France are perfect. Available in espresso and cappuccino sizes. >>>



The Feed Nutrition Subscription

Cyclists are always looking for a transportable, high energy snack to take with them on their ride, and the same old granola bar can get boring. The Feed specializes in delivering a variety of sports nutrition items right to your doorstep. You can pick your favorite items or choose from their pre-made boxes, make a one time purchase or have nutrition delivered on a regular basis. >>>

The Feed Nutrition Pro Box

Buff Neck Warmer / Face Covering

For cold weather riding, a neck warmer that you can pull up over your face is one of my favorite accessories. It keeps the cold air from getting in around your collar, and keeps your nose warm. It still needs to be breathable and I’ve found the original Buff is great for a wide range of temperatures. Fold it inside itself for two layers when it’s coldest. It also can be worn in a variety of ways to be used as a headband, bandanna, or cap. >>>



Bike Repair Stand

For the cyclist who likes to do their own repairs and maintenance, there is nothing more important (other than basic tools) than a repair stand. It’s almost impossible to make drivetrain adjustments without one, and a stand makes just about every other task a whole lot easier.



A helmet is something that really needs replacing now and then. They get sweaty, dirty, and if ever involved in a crash should be replaced immediately. However, for some reason we cyclists can never bring ourselves to replace our trusty old helmet, which is why it’s the perfect gift. For a road helmet I’m a huge fan of Giro‘s lightweight and comfortable helmets, and for an urban look nothing beats the original Bern. Try to get some accurate size information before buying a helmet for someone though. If they own any fitted hats, check their size for reference.


Blackburn Outpost Bags

For the cyclist with a sense of adventure, bikepacking gear is a must have. I had the pleasure of testing Blackburn’s Outpost bags on my latest bike camping trip and I can definitely recommend them for anyone looking to load up the bike with gear for a trip >>>


Montague Urban 700c Folding Bike

Montague’s newly updated pavement bikes have arrived just in time for the holidays. The Urban is a brand new model featuring the DirectConnect folding system, a 21-speed drivetrain, 35mm tires, and the Eurobike Award winning RackStand. With full-size 700c wheels the Urban delivers road performance while still folding in a matter of seconds for the car trunk, train, or closet. This beauty featuring all the latest technology from Montague is just $749.95 >>>


Stocking Stuffers

If you’re looking for a few low cost purchases bike maintenance items are a great option. As cyclists we invariably need these things, and useful gifts are truly the best.

Patch Kits & Tire Levers

Most riders never go on a ride without bringing along a patch kit, so it’s good to have a few extras around. Tire levers break and somehow always go missing (I think they’re all with our missing socks), so they are a welcome gift.



Chain Lubricant

A necessity that always seems to run out sooner than expected.



Clean Bottle Water Bottle

For some reason cyclists always seem to have huge collections of water bottles, but this one isn’t like the others. With a removable top AND bottom the Clean Bottle is extremely easy to clean and avoids the dreaded moldy bottle so common with recovery drinks. Made with BPA-free plastics, the dishwasher safe Clean Bottle is also guaranteed for life >>>


Celan Bottle Water Bottle


Ritchey TorqKey

It’s important to tighten bolts to the specified torque or you can risk damaging components. This is especially important with carbon fiber parts. A fully adjustable torque wrench is quite expensive, but Ritchey makes individual keys for the most common torque settings. They’re very affordable at just over $20, accept standard size bits for any driver you need, and are available in 4 or 5 Nm.


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