great-brook600-annotatedOver the 4th of July weekend we had the opportunity to take out a few Montague folding mountain bikes and put them to the test at Great Brook Farm State Park in Carlisle, Massachusetts. Located about 45 minutes Northwest of Boston, the park makes for a great day trip from Montague HQ.

As the name implies, the 20+ miles of trails surround a working farm complete with Holsteins, an operating dairy, and ice cream stand. Once you get away from the farm, you’ll find sprawling wooded areas covered with fast rolling singletrack, and some technical rocky areas that even more experienced riders will find challenging.

We were easily able to fit 2 Montague folding bikes into our car and head up to the trailhead, no bike rack required. When we arrived we saw a few other mountain bikers rolling by the families waiting for ice cream, and we knew we were in the right place.


Lush green ferns lined much of the trails. It felt a bit like we were entering Jurassic Park…


Some downed logs made a fun feature before this descent. Tuck and roll!


The southern portion of the park was a bit swampy, but it’s not mountain biking if you don’t get a little muddy! The wettest parts were traversed with a series wooden bridges.


All in all a great day of riding, and you can bet we hit the ice cream stand to refuel after.


We made our way back to Boston to cap off the weekend with fireworks over the Charles River. Happy 4th of July!

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