I recently did some cold weather camping here in New England and had the opportunity to bring along my Montague folding bike. If you’re in the great outdoors, there’s nothing better than having a bike with you that can handle the terrain. If you’re car camping, or you’re driving to the trail-head for some bike-packing, you can easily stow a folding bike in your vehicle with your gear.


I was camping in the DAR State Forest in Goshen MA, and there’s a variety of mountian bike trails to explore here. It seemed we were the only ones camping in the area that night,  so I rode through the quiet surroundings without seeing a single other soul.


If you want to keep your bike out of the weather, a folder could even be stored in your tent when not in use.


Fresh ground coffee even in the woods.


Even a simple breakfast is greatly improved when cooking over an open fire.


If you have any stories or tips for camping with your bike or for bikepacking, we want to hear them!

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