By Norman Radvany

I’m 42 years old and I’m using my Paratrooper Pro folding bike every day to go to work in Brooklyn. I love my bike!

folding_bike_paratrooper_pro_mountain (7)

This summer I’ve been getting away from the city to enjoy the great outdoors with my bike. In August, during one of the casual weeks where I could find the time, I did around 80 miles mountain biking with a lot of climbing and steep sections. I hiked Mt Tammany twice and Mount Minsi once.

folding_bike_paratrooper_pro_mountain (4)

I went to Delaware Water Gap for hiking and biking, and the Paratrooper Pro folding bike worked great.

folding_bike_paratrooper_pro_mountain (5)

I was traveling by bus from New York to Delaware, so I folded my bike, put it in the bag, and simply took it with me. Having my bike made my trip so much easier, and the folding bike feature made it very easy to bring along. I didn’t need to drive during the weekend, I was using public transportation, walking, and of course my bike.

folding_bike_paratrooper_pro_mountain (2)

People looked at me a bit strange in the village, probably because I came there without a car, but it was a much better way to get around and see the area.

folding_bike_paratrooper_pro_mountain (1)

My weight is 210 pounds and as I mentioned before, my Paratrooper Pro folding bike worked great in the mountains, even for advanced mountain biking.

folding_bike_paratrooper_pro_mountain (6)

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