While our first folding bikes were created to help people to commute more easily, our current design was developed for the US Military. Our bikes helped USMC Paratroopers serve their mission, and to this day many other organizations use Montague bikes to serve their mission of helping people. The versatility of a full size folding mountain bike helps medics, police, search & rescue, and other emergency response teams do their jobs faster and more efficiently.

Here are some examples of Montague folding bikes that have been customized for use by an EMT (left) and St. John Ambulance Company (right).

Below are Police and Search and Rescue bikes from the UK. Often times bicycles allow emergency workers to reach their destination faster when cars are unable to reach the scene.


Team Rubicon is a great example of an organization that assists in emergency situations all over the world and uses Montague bikes to further their mission. The organization which was initially founded by US Marines Jake Wood and William McNulty to help with the Haiti earthquake in 2010, seeks to unite the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams.

Currently Team Rubicon uses bikes in deployments where teams cannot easily access disaster sites by any other means of transport. Often times roads are blocked to automobile traffic, and floods or wildfires can prevent normal routes of travel from being used. A mountain bike and trailer of supplies like the one below can allow for help to previously unreachable locations, while the folding feature makes them easy to transport. You can even donate to Team Rubican yourself to help them build their fleet of Montague bikes and help serve their mission. Click here to see more.


team rubicon montague folding bike paratrooper

Team Rubicon Bike Kit with Montague Paratrooper folding bike

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