A reminder to all you sons, daughters, and husbands out there: Sunday May 11th is Mother’s Day!

“Most of all the other beautiful things in life come by twos and threes, by dozens and hundreds. Plenty of roses, stars, sunsets, rainbows, brothers and sisters, aunts and cousins, comrades and friends—but only one mother in the whole world.” Kate Douglas Wiggin

Mother’s Day in America was created by Anna Jarvis and became an official national holiday in the United States in 1914. That makes Mother’s Day 2014 the 100th official observance. Dates and celebrations vary in different countries, but here in the US, Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday in May. It’s a day to show your mother that you appreciate everything she’s done for you, and while there’s a lot of ways to do that without buying anything, everyone likes a gift now and then. If your mom is a cyclist, loves bikes, or even if you’re the cyclist trying to get mom to ride with you, we have some ideas for you.

Louis Garneau LS100 Road Shoe

First up is the LS100 Carbon Road Shoe from Louis Garneau. I use this shoe myself, and I think it’s great. Admittedly, I was first attracted to because it uses my two favorite colors: pink and black. The subtle use of pink keeps it lady like without being too bold, but it has a lot more going for it than style. The ultra light carbon composite outside provides a great ventilation, and it’s still surprisingly stiff at only 210 grams. The shoe comes with two interchangeable insoles for different densities. I’m a big fan of these shoes and if your mom is a road rider, I bet she would be too.

Bern Brighton Helmet with Visor

Safety first! Another must have for any cyclist is a helmet. There a quite a few out there on the market, but some of my favorite helmets are the ones from Bern. I love their style and the shape. Matching to the shoes this one also comes in pink and black with a touch of complimenting blue (yaaay!). If you’re not into the super vented roadie helmet, the urban style of the Bern is perfect for a more casual rider. What I like the most about this helmet is that it actually fits really well. It’s made for ladies with a smaller shell size and the feminine details.

Bicycle Charm Bracelet

Does your mom like jewelry and bicycles? How about a Bicycle Charm Bracelet? I think these are just adorable. The mix of the infinity sign, the bicycle, the motivational quote, and the wisely chosen colors make this to a really cute gift. I personally like to support things which are handmade. Even if you didn’t make it, it’s more special when it’s hand crafted. The charms on this bracelet are made from antique silver, which means this metal has a history too! Most of the shops on Etsy ship worldwide, so you can pick up a bracelet for your mom no matter where you live.

Montague Crosstown Folding Bike


You can’t really enjoy all these wonderful bike accessories if you don’t have a bike to ride. If you want to make your mom really happy this year, you could get her one of our Montague folding road bikes. Montague bikes use full size wheels and standard parts, so they offer unmatched performance while still conveniently folding. A Montague would make life a lot easier for your dear mother than with a regular bicycle. She wouldn’t have to worry if she would like to travel with it. If your moms house or apartment is as packed as mine’s with the many things that piled up over the years, the folding aspect makes it easy to store at home without much space. Even if she’s an experienced cyclist who already owns a bike, having one made for travel is the perfect addition to the fleet.

Finally, I think the best gift a child can give their mom is spending time with them. We’re all so busy with life itself, so dedicating a day to your mom can mean a lot. My brother and I plan to take our mom out for breakfast, and depending on the weather (fingers crossed!), we will take her out for a bike ride with us. It has been many many years since our last bike ride all together, and I honestly I can’t wait for it. Let’s hope she will start riding her bicycle more often. She’s always talking about exercising more and getting in better shape, andI know my mom sometime she just needs a little push. Knowing us, we’ll probably end up at a frozen yoghurt or ice cream place after our ride.

One last thing… don’t forget to tell your mother you love her!


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