IMG_0457Since my office is located in Cambridge, MA  and I live on the South Shore in Hingham, my commute is fairly long. Actually, it is quite long.  My first couple of weeks of work I took the Commuter Rail to South Station, hopped on the Red Line to Central Square, and walked another 15 minutes until I finally made it to work (Hallelujah!). Some people get excited about seeing the city every day. I would have too if I actually would have seen the city with this route. All I saw day by day was the Commuter Rail, South Station, the train, and a little tiny part of Cambridge.

It was time for a change. I decided to get a Montague pavement bike, the Boston Single Speed. I can tell you that was love at first sight. The design, the matte black color, the super light weight, it did it for me. And what I loved the most was that the bike was named after
my favorite city B O S T O N.


The main reason a Montague bike is perfect for commuters like me, is that ordinary unfoldable bicycles are not allowed on the Commuter Rail during rush hour. When you are able to fold the bike, it’s no problem at all. Folded it’s about the size of a suitcase, and there are sooooo many suitcases on the train.

I have to admit, I am such a girl and wear what are probably the pinkest shoes in the world. I looked at my bike and thought “that is not quiet me yet”.


I decided to get some  components to customize my new bike: grips, tires, lights, a lock, a new chain, and all of them in my favorite color… Yes you guessed it, pink.

After I put the components on my bike I was ready to hit the road. The commute to work is so much more fun now. I ride my bike to the train station in 3 minutes instead of walking for 10, then I fold it in 20 seconds and jump on the Commuter Rail. Arriving at South Station, I hop off the train, unfold my bike and start riding my bike through the city.

IMG_0630Since Boston is not my home town I got lost a couple of times at first, but that made it even more fun as I explored unknown streets. I see so many sides of the city, ride along the Charles river, get my morning cardio exercise, and I’m able to really enjoy my commute. I am really not a morning person, but commuting by bike wakes me up and gives me so much energy through the whole day.

I wouldn’t be able to do it without the folding design of my Montague. Perfect for a multi-modal commute!


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