Riding your bike in the snow can be challenging, but it’s no doubt an adventure. My most satisfying bike commutes are ones where others say “you actually rode in that!?” You do need to properly prepare for it to be an enjoyable experience, so here are a few tips.


When cycling in the snow:

    • Use the rear brake. Locking the front wheel will cause you to lose your balance quickly.
    • Avoid sudden movements. Cornering forces you and the bike to lean into the turn. Turning slowly will keep you upright.
    • Reduce speed to prevent heavy braking.  Sudden stops are rarely possible, and skidding leads to a loss of control.
    • Add fenders to your bike to avoid splashing and water coming off your wheels. Staying relatively dry will keep you in good spirits.
    • Use waterproof clothes and dress in layers. Wear garments to cover your neck, ears and hands. In freezing rain or sleet, ski goggles are a great addition.
    • With heavy traffic or bad road conditions, don’t be afraid to pull to the side of the road and walk a section. It’s not a race, what really matters is arriving safely.


Final tip: be sure to have fun. We might all have different reasons for riding in the winter, but one thing we can agree on is that it’s fun. Enjoy the challenge, and enjoy being one of the few cyclists out there!

Oh, and keep both hands on the handlebars! :


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