If you are not sure about commuting by bike, I’m going to help make your decision easier. Here are a number of reasons for you to stop hesitating and start riding your bike:

  • Bikes are green! Cycling dramatically reduces air pollution and greenhouse gases emissions.


  • A bike is cheaper than a car or a motorbike.  You will save money on gas, tolls, insurance, parking, maintenance,… and even the gym since you will be getting your work out riding everyday.
  • Riding a bicycle helps to improve your overall health. By cycling everyday at a normal speed, you will notice a big difference in your physical condition and fitness in a matter of weeks. Depending on how many miles you ride you can even lose weight which in turn can also reduce blood pressure and blood cholesterol which are risk factors for other diseases. A 135-pound woman pedaling 12 to 14 miles an hour blasts 488 calories in 60 minutes. Check out this Bike Commute Calculator created by “You can bike there” and measure:
  1. Pounds of pollutants kept out of the atmosphere
  2. Money saved by not driving
  3. Calories burned
  • Safe time on your commute by riding. You can usually arrive faster to your final destination than by cars or public transportation during rush hours. Nowadays, the number of cities which want to be bike-friendly are steadily increasing. So are the number of bicycle lanes. If you are not an expert cyclist as the guy in the picture below, don’t worry! Check out where the bike paths are in your city and enjoy a safer ride.


  •  Social benefits: There are plenty of opportunities for interaction while cycling, whether you join your local cycling community or sign up for a city race. You can ride with your friends or make new riding buddies. Riding with others is not only enjoyable, but it’s also safer.


  • Numerous studies show that those who cycle to work have a stronger health, are more productive, and need less time off from work.
  • Enjoy the nature! Get out there and take advantage of a nice day. Not only you can ride in the city, but also spend a nice bike-weekend in the country side, breathing fresh air.
  •  Last but not least, cycling improves your mood and self-esteem.


Don’t try this out there

 Now that you know the advantages of the bikes, let me give you some tips about why you should be riding a Montague folding bike:

  •  Park and Pedal. If you have a Montague folding bike, you have the ability to Park and Pedal. This means if you have a long commute you can drive part way, then park and take your folding bike out of the trunk of your car, unfold it and ride the rest of the way.


 bike in white car trunk nice smile

  •  Security: Your folding bike can be stored in your home or office rather than in a less secure atmosphere in the street. Your bicycle will be in a safe place, far away from thieves and environmental conditions that can damage your bike.


  • Montague Bikes offer performance & Portability. all of our bikes are equipped full. Small wheel folding bikes are harder to control as they tend to ride rougher than a large wheeled bike because the small wheels do not bridge gaps and other pavement defects as well as larger wheels. The ride quality of full size folding bikes is simply much better.

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