Have you ever heard of the Monkey Light? Their LED light sets are specifically designed for bike wheels, that create images and animations while you ride. When in motion, they display a bright image visible from both sides, that can cover the entire wheel. The lights are waterproof, which is perfect for your commuter, and their high visibility make them great for riding in the city.


We tested the Monkey Light Pro on the front wheel of a Montague folding mountain bike. The results were absolutely electric (pun intended)! It was very easy to install, it took just a matter of minutes to have the light ready! We immediately felt safer and more visible on the road thanks to the intense illumination. The lights have nearly 360 degrees of visibility! And let’s not forget that Monkey Light is just plain fun. At first we didn’t realize it, but we found ourselves riding faster just to make the patterns look as perfect as possible. We got many unexpected compliments from other cyclist on the road, and understandably so, these lights are quite the spectacle! (Thanks again guys!)

Here at Montague we take pride in our innovate folding technology, and we love to discover companies that are creating innovate products. Monkey lights mix safety with fun. Hopefully, more riders turn their light on while cycling  at night!



The duration of the battery is claimed to be 8 hours at full power and 48 hours at low intensity, where you can still see perfectly any of the 42 illustrations in 16 different colors with hundreds of combinations, or even design our own one. All the buttons are on the circuit board: The on/off button which is also used for the intensity of the light, the color button and the pattern that allow you to select which mode you want the light to display. We found everything to be simple to operate. Thanks to its stainless steel anti-theft strap, we do not have to worry about removing the system every time we lock our bike on the street either. Take a look at their specs, and many features:


Photo courtesy of Monkeylectric.com

The Monkey light sells for $39.99, check and see if your local bike store has it. Your local bike store is always happy to help you and give you a great advise about accessories for your bike.  Take a look at this video to get a better idea of what these lights are capable of:

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