Cyclists, bike lovers, riders of all ages and genders, ride their bikes to commute, for pleasure, and for fitness. People do their grocery shopping, go to the movies, work out, visit friends and family, go the beach, and go to the end of the world if they have to, all by bike.  But usually… while wearing clothes.

If you’re a cyclist and have been itching to have a ride without the clothes, here’s your chance…

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The first Bike Naked event took place in Spain in 2004 and was created with the intention of simultaneously promoting healthy body image and encouraging the use of people-powered transportation. It’s now celebrated in over 70 cities around the world.

It’s not a way for nudists to get their daily exercise, but a way to demonstrate the vulnerability of cyclists, and protest car culture in a rather provocative way. Exposing the naked body emphasizes just how exposed we really are when cycling city streets. There’s literally nothing but a helmet between our body, and the 2 ton behemoths that dominate the roadways.


The ride also promotes the use of the bike, as a healthy, ecological and sustainable way of transportation. Biking not only helps our individual bodies, it helps our collective well-being right now and for the future.

Many participants paint their bodies with encouraging pictures and phrases of the desire to be oil independent and bicycle friendly. Bike decorations, costumes (ok mostly just silly hats), and other creative expressions are all part of the spirit of these rides.

Bike naked customs

Are you game for a new experience? Feel the wind on your skin and join hundreds of naked friends for a bike ride you won’t soon forget.
Ask to your local bike shop about the next bike naked ride in your area, and check out Don’t forget to bring your Montague Bike and of course, your birthday suit!

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