Riding a bike and bringing my dog along to enjoy the experience is one of my favorite activities. If you’re a dog owner, you know it’s important that your dog (and you) get regular exercise, and if you’re a cyclist, what better way to accomplish this for the both of you.

It’s important to know that not all dogs are capable of running a marathon, and if you bring them along it’s necessary to have the right equipment. What you should never do is hold the leash on the handlebar or tie it to your body.  It’s not only extremely dangerous, but also punishable by law in many parts of the US.

Photo courtesy of Ian J.

Photo courtesy of Ian J.

Here are some ideas to get started the right way:

1.  A purpose made dog bike leash attached to the frame

A dog bike leash is the best option to get your dog running beside you on your next ride.  However, it’s important to take into account that this is an activity best suited for medium to large dogs, weighing at least 20lbs. There are many systems available such as the Walky Dog, the Dog Springer or the Bike Tow leash. Every dog needs a  different system so it’s important to do your research, and get advice from a professional if you can.

Make sure you bring water and a bowl along for the ride and pay close attention to your pup at all times.


Photo courtesy of Zach B.

Photo courtesy of Zach B.

2. Dog bike trailer

A great way to go on extended rides and still bring your dog along. He can lounge while you do all the work (sounds just like my dog). It’s also a great option for dogs who aren’t good with leashes, or aren’t keen on running alongside a bike.


Dog bike trailer

Photo courtesy of cyclinggypsies.wordpress.com


3.  Dog bike basket – front or rear rack

This last option to consider is really just for small dogs. A basket for your dog could be attached to either a front or rear rack. Before you attempt to ride too far with your pet, it’s a good idea to try and get them used to it first. You should also tie your dog securely on board with a dog harness or leash,  just in case they suddenly decide they’d rather chase that roadside squirrel than continue with you.

dog on basket

Photo courtesy of s457.photobucket.com

If you’ve never taken your dog on a ride, I suggest you get started with this new activity. Of course it’s a lot of fun, but the best part is that it will keep you and your dog in good health. And the good news is, any of the accessories mentioned above can be used with a Montague folding bike.

Remember to do what’s best for your dog… hint: it’s not this:



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