New Belgium Brewing in Fort Collins, Colorado has always had a special connection with the world of bicycles. They’ve worked closely with bicycle advocacy groups over the years, raising millions for bike non-profits with their Tour de Fat bicycle carnival. They even hosted an inaugural Bike Summit at their brewery this year to bring together nonprofits from across the nation to discuss bike advocacy and policies (and I imagine they supplied a wee bit of beer for the event). And let’s not forget their most memorable and well known beer, the Fat Tire Ale, blazoned with a red cruiser bicycle on it’s instantly recognizable label:


Well New Belgium is taking it to the next level for National Bike Month. In partnership with People For, every bottle of Fat Tire Ale and Ranger IPA produced this month sports a special label with the People For Bikes logo, and an encouraging message to “Ride On!” and sign the pledge at


Michael Craft, Senator of Tour de Fat Non-Profit Relations says, “New Belgium is honored to help spread the good word of the bicycle and encourage folks to sign the pledge. Much like beer, bicycles make people smile and smiling is something we could all use a bit more of these days. Our brewery is so rooted in bicycles, it just makes good sense to use our craft to encourage advocacy.”

Here at Montague, we’ve always been a fan of New Belgium. We even have this lovely sign hanging in our break room:


We’re very happy to see New Belgium Brewing continuing to support bicycling in our communities. Next time you’re feeling thirsty, consider picking one up, you know you’ll be supporting a great company. Now we just need them to start distributing in the Northeast…

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