Do you ride your folding bike to work?

[Click for interactive map! Via]

Do you ever bike to work? Do you drive part way and then pedal? (What we call Park and Pedal.) Do you ride part way and then take the train?

How is your folding bike commute? Unfold and ride to work, then fold up and keep it under the desk during the workday – does that sound familiar?

The image above links to an interactive map of data compiled from cities and regions where people bike to work the most. How does your city measure up?

One surprising thing you may notice that it’s not just in sunny southern California or warm Florida where people bike to work the most. In mountainous Colorado, or even Montana, and the north where winters get serious – there are a lot of bicycle commuters. This isn’t just a passing trend.

Maybe you’ve just been thinking about making the change and wonder, am I alone in this? Well, you’re not. Bicycle commuters are more numerous than you may think, let’s get on and ride!

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