folding tandem by montague

Fashion Embraces Bicycles

Now as the season changes from summer to autumn fall fashion comes to the fore.  Fall fashion – more than any other season – brings out the crème de la crème of design.  Last night Boston celebrated Fashion’s Night Out.  Yesterday, in celebration of the 2012 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week the French company Longchamp released this promotional video featuring a tandem bicycle.  Next week at InterBike, the Montague Boston will be part of the Momentum Magazine InterBike Fashion Show.  Across the board the realm of fashion has been paying more attention to bicycles.

Vintage:  Before Longchamp sent supermodels across the streets of Paris on a tandem bicycle there were folding tandems.  The image above depicts a Montague TriFrame folding tandem bicycle, produced in the ’90s.  These folding tandems were ahead of their time.  These were very popular then and are still sought after now.  Montague bikes are leading the way in modern trends, and even vintage models are still going strong.

Avant-Garde: At last year’s InterBike fashion show the Crosstown strutted down the runway:

folding bike fasion

This year it will be the Boston.

For Fashion and Practicality 

We’ve always known bicycles to be a utilitarian form of transit, now they’re also haute couture fashion, especially with the likes of Dolce and Gabbana’s Animalier, and Chanel’s “Couture”  Bicycle.  Montague folding bikes are setting new trends, and can get you there in style.  Or if fashion’s not your scene, performance and portability are still the first consideration in design, with the added benefit of looking sharp while you’re at it.

Stop by the InterBike Fashion Show to see the Boston in action!







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