Montague office fleet gets burritos

Line up: Navigator, FIT, Boston single speed, DX, Boston fixed

We’re looking at the final days of summer, at least in the technical sense, and the treasured moments for effortless bike rides are coming to a close.  Autumn shall bring with it the anticipated unexpected shifts in weather.  And so we here at Montague HQ knew it was time for what will most likely be the last luncheon bike outing for the season.

Burrito run

The folding fleet set out on a mission which took us across Cambridge and over to the new North Point Park which spans from Cambridge and into Charlestown.  In the photo above the fleet lines up in anticipation to launch after burrito procurement has been secured.

Burritos are secured:

Montague Navigator carries burritos

And we ride off to the park.  A brief stop at the Charlestown Navy Yard, and shot with the U.S.S. Constitution.

Montague crew at the Navy Yard

Over the North Point Bridge:

North Point Bridge Montague group ride

And back to the office to put the final touches on InterBike.  Can’t wait to see you there!

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