In London the landscape architecture firm Exterior Architecture has put together the innovative idea of Sky Cycle, a system of  elevated cycle tracks all over the extended London metropolitan area.


Their proposal states that the current street level infrastructure of London, Barclays Cycle Superhighway system is inadequate for the safety and security of cyclists.  Too many still ride on the sidewalk, endangering themselves and pedestrians – especially at large intersections.  Exterior Architecture argues that the solution is to be found in elevated cycle tracks.  These would all-but-eliminate interactions with automobiles and lead to safer cycling, and so to to more cyclists.

Bicycle ‘superhighways’, as these uninterrupted cycle track corridors have been dubbed, have been opening all around London in recent years, with more to come.  Denmark’s cycle superhighways are fast catching up to those of the great Western world leader in all things cycling, The Netherlands.  Northern Europe is adopting extensive cycle infrastructure as a mission statement for civil engineering.  At this year’s Eurobike a coalition was even formed to promote the economic gains possible from such ventures.

Is separation the key?  Or is better education and sharing the road the way forward?  Most advocates point to the former, when the reality for many cyclists is the latter.  How do we best proceed until infrastructure changes are implemented?

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