invisible bike helmet

Recently Focus Forward Films examined the Hovding.   It took two lady design students in Sweden seven years to develop.  It looks and wears like a scarf, but at the crucial moment inflates into some of the most comprehensive head and neck protection a cyclist could ask for.  Designed to address the safety issue of cyclists not wearing helmets, the invisible bike helmet is taking the cycling world by storm.  It costs a pretty penny but is yet another example of creative problem solving that goes along with bicycling.

Genius and Cycling going hand in hand: Albert Einstein said, “I thought of that while riding my bicycle,” when asked about the theory of relativity.  Montague bikes have made it possible for full-size folding bikes to be strong enough to be used by Paratroopers.  Now there are invisible bike helmets, the creative growth continues to new fronts.  Where will it take us next?

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