On the MBTA Green Line with a green bike.

Over the past month, gas prices around the U.S. have topped $4/gal in many areas. This price hike got many drivers to change their habits – either taking transit, combining trips, carpooling, or bike commuting. Now that gas prices are, at least temporarily, headed back down, there’s still no reason to get back in the car. $4/gal gas might be more than we’re used to seeing, but $3.49 still isn’t exactly cheap. It’s a lot more money in your pocket at the end of the month  if you ride to work instead of taking the car.

We all know that gas is a major expense when it comes to driving – but that’s not the only one. What about all the tax dollars that are spent every year creating and maintaining roads? Not that cyclists don’t pay taxes that go to maintaining roads, and benefit from them (in fact, many early roads just after the turn of the 20th century, when cycling experienced a surge of popularity, were the results of cycling clubs’ lobbying efforts), but a bike puts a lot less wear and tear on a road over the course of a year than a car. If more people rode bikes, those tax dollars would go a lot further.

Getting out into the green...

And if you want to be the greenest of them all, you can save green by going green on a green bike. Montague offers both pavement and mountain bikes in various shades of green – the Fit (for the road) and the classic Paratrooper. Depending on your riding style, either of these bikes would be a great choice for getting out, getting some exercise, and saving a little on the bottom line.

Is it Easy Being Green?

How are you affected by gas prices? Did the recent price increase change your transportation habits? What colour is your bike?

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