Last night, MassBike, a statewide bicycle advocacy organization in Massachusetts, hosted its annual Bike Night. This year’s theme was “Beyond the Spandex” and showcased bikes, accessories, and apparel, with a focus on bikes as commuter vehicles and every day transportation.

Check out these photos of Montague bikes at the MassBike Fashion Show:

The Montague Crosstown rolls down the runway.

The Montague Crosstown, again.

The Boston 8 is a great commuter bike.

The Boston 8 again - Can't miss that reflector!

The Boston 8 on the runway.

The evening was a great showcase of how bicycles can easily fit into everyday live – they’re not just for kids, they’re not just for the spandex-clad, and they certainly can be an option for anyone who’s willing to give them a try. Montague bikes make it even easier, since they’re so easy to combine with other modes of transportation, so if you don’t want to ride the whole way to work, you certainly don’t have to.

Did you attend the Bike Night Fashion Show? Any similar events in your area? What’s your favourite part of riding? What do you wear on for your commute?

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