What better way to celebrate the 2nd inauguration of Indianapolis mayor Greg Ballard than with a bike ride…right? Even in January? Despite the snow and cold temperatures, hundreds of riders turned out for a ride hosted by the mayor. And among the bikes and riders was a Montague Paratrooper folding bike.

At the mayor's innaugural ride. Photo courtesy of Nuvo.

It’s really great to have a folding bike for an event such as this one, especially in the winter. While the main streets are often cleared of snow and ice,  smaller streets can still be difficult to navigate by bike, and bike paths are often left with snow until they melt of their own accord. It’s great to be able to ride if your route is reasonably ice-free, but if not, it’s much easier to be able to take the bus with your folding bike, especially if you don’t live within convenient riding distance of the event. Besides – a folding bike can also help you stand out in the crowd.

Can you spot the Paratrooper among all these other bikes? (Me neither...but we know it's there!). Photo courtesy of Nuvo.

Thanks to a blog reader for alerting us to this event. If you’re up to anything noteworthy with your Montague folding bike, whether a group ride, charity ride, race, interesting travel or anything else, and you’d like us to feature it on our blog, just send us an email or leave us a comment. We’re always happy to hear from our riders.

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