Last month, we did a post about people who take our folding bikes on the road with them – literally. We’re not talking about commuters who do a park-and-pedal style commute, but about people whose jobs keep them moving from one city to another – truckers, musicians, actors, and yes…roadies.

Photo courtesy of Iain Purdie

A few of the roadies who travel with Judas Priest, now on the Epitaph tour, have our bikes with them on the road. They started in Texas, headed up the west coast into Canada, and are heading through the Midwest to the east coast, finishing up with a few shows in Florida and Mississippi. Suffice it to say that by the time the tour is over, these will be some well-travelled bikes – even if most of the miles were covered on the inside of a tour bus. Here are a few photos from a day they spent in San Francisco, CA – a great  city for riding, and the weather looks great!

Judas Priest roadies check out San Fran with their Montague folding bikes. Photos courtesy of Jude Aflalo

The most recent show was up in Calgary, Alberta, and now they’re heading back to the U.S. If Judas Priest is coming to your city, you might see these guys riding around on their Montague bikes – it’s a great way to get around, get some exercise, and see the sites.

Have you been on the road recently?

Do you travel a lot with your job? Do you have a folding bike that you take with you? Or do you rely on other means of transportation? If you have a folding bike, what’s the best part about having it with you when you travel?

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