If you are a regular visitor to this blog, you probably know that in addition to a complete line of full-size folding bikes, Montague also designs and manufactures bicycle components, with an eye to make riding easier, safer, and more comfortable. To this end, Montague recently introduced the Octagon – a component that lets you adjust the height of your handlebars without using any tools. It comes standard on the Montague Crosstown and Montague Navigator, and can be retrofit onto any bike with a threadless 1-1/8” steel steerer tube. The Octagon allows you to raise the height of your handlebars up to 4”, without needing any tools, and without shortening the reach to the bars. Interested? You can get one through your local shop – they can tell you if your bike has the right kind of steerer tube for an Octagon, and they’ll also be able to install it for you.

If you are a bicycle blog enthusiast, then you are probably aware of another fine weblog out there in cyberspace – BikeSnobNYC. While not suited to everyone’s sensibilities, the Snob offers a unique perspective, and seemingly endless stream of sarcastic comments and off-colour remarks, about everything and anything having to do with bicycles. And today, Gentle Reader, you can find the Octagon featured on BikeSnobNYC. Just scroll down to the end of the post, and you’ll see it.

Do You Have an Octagon on Your Bike?

Comfort is important to so many people when it comes to riding. A lot of people don’t or can’t ride as much as they’d like because of pain in the back, neck, or arms. An upright riding posture can go a long way towards alleviating this kind of discomfort while riding. Has an Octagon helped you ride more? Or are you thinking of putting one on your bike? Let us hear from you – comments and questions welcome!

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