A couple of weeks ago, we mentioned that the Montague Crosstown folding bike would be featured in a fashion show put on by Momentum Magazine during Interbike – and we captured the moment on film.

At the show, each bike rode the runway against the backdrop of a city, to highlight different trends in cycling and fashion; the backdrop for the Crosstown was Montreal. While it’s just a setting for a runway ride, we were actually pretty excited about the association, since Montreal was recently named the most cycling-friendly city in North America (coming in at #8 on the list of most bike-friendly cities worldwide). What better combination than a really great city bike with a really great biking city? And even if you don’t live in Montreal, rest assured that the Crosstown rides (and folds) well wherever you are – from San Diego to Montreal to London to Tokyo, and everywhere in between.

If you weren’t able to make the show, you can check it out here (make sure to look for the Crosstown – can you even tell it’s a folding bike?). You can also find lots of useful information about Montague folding bikes on our Youtube channel.

How do You Combine Style and Cycling?

How do you dress when you’re riding? Do you dress with cycling in mind? Do you think about fashionable clothes for the ride? Or is the bike the fashion statement? If you’re commuting, do you ride in your work clothes, or do you change once you’re there? Let us know your thoughts!


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