Montague’s Interbike Booth, #23095

Just when you thought there weren’t enough exciting things to do in Las Vegas, along comes interbike – the largest bicycle trade show in North America. Interbike brings folks together from every corner of the cycling industry – you get everything from bikes to clothing, panniers to components – if it’s about bikes, it’s at the show. And Montague, of course, is on hand displaying our line of full-size folding bikes – both pavement and mountain. The show runs from September 14-16, and if you get the chance, you should DEFINITELY check it out. If you’re in the area, you should also stop by the Montague Booth (#23095) from 1-3 for the Fastest Fold-Off – a competition to see who can fold our bikes the fastest.

Folding Bikes in Fashion?

Montague will also be featured in a Bike Fashion Show hosted by Momentum Magazine. The fashion show will be highlighting trends in urban cycling – clothing and bicycles alike. With daily shows at 2pm, it’s not to be missed – and be sure to keep an eye out for the Montague Crosstown!

The always fashionable Crosstown folding bike.

Cross Vegas

Cross Vegas 2010. Photo courtesy of Elly Blue.

On the night of Wednesday September 14, interbike is also host to Cross Vegas – the biggest Cyclocross race in North America that attracts some of the best riders from all over the world. What’s Cyclocross? A style of bike racing that is a combination of (or cross between) mountain and road racing. The courses are a mix of dirt, grass, mud, sand, and gravel, but riders use bikes that more closely resemble road bikes than mountain bikes (think skinny tires and no suspension). With the race course including barriers (riders must dismount and jump over them while carrying their bikes), tight off-camber turns, and some steep-but-short hills, anything can happen, and most usually does.

Because the race takes place during interbike, there’s also a special category for interbike exhibitors – the Wheelers and Dealers race. No one from the Montague crew is entered this year, but we’re thinking about it (and maybe even training) for the years to come.

What Would You Like to See?

Interbike is not only a great place to see all the different sorts of products out there in the cycling world, but also to see what’s coming next. If you were at interbike, what would you be looking for? Are you going to be at the show? Or at Cross Vegas? Give us a shout or stop by!

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